Should the driving age be lower?

As you know some teens when they turn 14 can get their permit and get their license when they’re 16. But, in North and South Dakota you can get your permit at 14 but you can get your license at 15 and in New Jersey, you can’t drive until you’re 17. This age range is also about maturity and responsibility for the teen; more than 4,000 teens die each year in car accidents. In 2013 1.25 million people died in vehicle-related accidents. 


Some teens act mature but some also don't and there will be more accidents, I think if some teens can handle it, and some act like they are invincible and can start racing and all that kind of stuff. I believe that the age should be lower to 15 so you can get your license at 15 and not 16 because a lot of teens start working at 14 and some of the teen's parents won't be able to take them and they have some option know as walking or have a family member and sometimes the teen wants to walk even in the cold because they don't wanna waste money on gas. Some teens can handle it and I think that they should lower it because the teen is a lot busier when they turn 15 with school and sports and work. If they do lower the driving age it’ll be easier for the teens and the parents and they won’t get in trouble for going off their route or they won’t get their permit taken away or suspended. If they lower it I think a lot of families will be happy 


In my opinion, the age should be lowered to 15 to get your license because like I said teens will get busier when they turn 15 with school, sports, and work, and if they can get their license then it will be easier for them and the parents. I think that if the age to get your license goes lower to 15 then I think that it will b easier like I said for teens and parents and the parents won't have to contact family members or the teens don't have to walk to work. 


Do you think the driving age should be higher or lower and why?


If the driving should be lower or higher what age should it be?


Do you think it'll be easier for the families or harder?

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  • Wjile we have had thios topic last semester, you did a really good job with it! Yoiu earned your top spot!!

  • I personally don't think that the driving age should be lowered than what it already is. I think where the legal age for driving is fine where it is right now, and if it were to be lowered it would only cause more harm than good. 

    • I disagree because kids are smarter than you think and they'll be able to handle themselves if it was changed to 15.

  • I personally don’t see a point in lowering the driving age, although I can understand how important driving is for some kids. I think it's good that kids can get their permit at 14 and then driver's license at 16 so they most likely have at least a couple years of experience in driving before getting their license.

    • I agree but I also think it can go lower than one year but think that some can be mature enough and be safe.

  • I think that the driving age should be higher because there is too many young kids driving and getting in crashes. The reason why I think that it should be higher is because they would have more time behind the wheel.

    • I disagree but if it goes higher then it'll be a struggle for the parents and kids from going to work and other things.

  • I don't think the age people can get their license should be lowered because not enough of teens are responsible enough to be safe. Yes, it would make life easier for teens and their parents, but I don't think that it's worth the risks of more car accidents.

    • I agree even though it should be lower cause it'll help the parents but I think there are people that are safe and cautious and it should be lower.

  • In my personal opinion, I do not think that the driving age should be any lower than it already is. I think that the legal driving age is just fine where it is. I think that having the ability to drive at this age is crucial for many children. But, I think that making it any lower would cause more crashes. 

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