Is technology helping or slowing us down in the workforce?

Is technology helping or slowing us down in the workforce?

What do you guys think, is technology helping or slowing us down in the wor? In my opinion I can see it in both ways. For example, I think technology is more efficient in the workforce in today's world. It can also slow us down a bit but it just does the work for them. In this post I will talk about both the pros and cons of technology in the workforce in today’s world. 


What are the pros in having technology in the workforce in today's world? In today's world companies want to have the most technology so they can be most successful. In my dads company we are pretty old school. We keep our books in a journal. My parents are trying to find a spreadsheet that would make it go a lot faster to do billing. For example the bigger companies that have to keep track of more things, will be all electronically. In my opion I feel that the technology in today's world can go either way. Also, technology can be very helpful in factories. The machines nowadays are all run electronically, and it makes the process 100 times faster. The factories can ship stuff out faster and then they make a bigger profit off the sale for how fast they can make it. 


What are the cons in having technology in the workforce in today’s world? In today’s world all of the companies are trying to find ways to improve their business. So, most companies are using technology so the workers don’t have to do as much and the machines are a lot faster. If a company is using technology to make everything speed up, what if the machine shuts down and then stops working. Then you can’t ship supplies out fast enough and then customers get mad and might not ever order or have work done for them again. So, you lose a customer and it could be multiple ones. 

So, what do you think about having technology in today's workforce? In this post there are both the pros and cons of having technology do the work for you. All the companies in today’s world's main focus is to make everything as fast and efficient as possible. Either it is inside in an office or it is in a factory shipping supplies out to customers in need.

Do you think technology is helping or slowing down the workforce?


Can technology improve anymore?

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  • We have had similar topics but good summary! I would like to see more replies to student comments.

  • I think that technology is helping in the workface. Technology can make work more efficient and easier to do. It can also help in factories so that most of the work does not have to be manual. I do think that technology can improve more and more as people in the future keep investigating. 

  • I think that technology is helping since you can do stuff way faster. It can improve it because we are finding new ways how to fix and do stuff all the time so it having problems and not working can be fixed. 

  • Technology increases efficiency in a lot of industries where repetitive work does not require human judgment to do. Technology also is making vehicles and equipment more efficient. For example, our planters now have a sensor that counts how many seeds fall down the tube and into the designated trench to make sure we are maximizing the number of seeds per acre and not sacrificing yield.

  • I believe that technology is having a positive and negative effect on the workforce, in some areas it is speeding things up, but in other ways, it is slowing things down.  There are plenty of ways that it has sped up or slowed down the workforce but I would say it has had more of a positive impact.

  • I think depending on the situation technology can either slow down or improve efficiently in the workforce. Personally, I think technology has improved the workforce more than worsened it. I can see technology creating issues in the workforce if there is a malfunction.    

  • I think that technology is both slowing and helping the workforce. It is easy to become way off task when you are on a computer, which is why it can slow down the workforce. But, it can speed it up by eliminating the need for the person/ make the person's job easier or quicker to do. There is always room for improvement. 

  • I think that technology is helping in positive ways and negative ways. I think that it is slowing down the workforce because people are looking for online jobs or are too lazy to get a job because they use technology too much. I think technology will improve the world more than ever before

  • I think that technology is helping do things liike manufacture parts for cars and make processed foods faster, however it is probably slowing down people growth in income as they have less jobs from machines taking over the workforce in most companies today.

  • I think it speeds up and slows down the workplace. In my dads buisness, he keeps track of all of his bookwork on the computer, and makes bills on the computer. For complex jobs he draws the blueprints, but for average jobs he makes blueprints on his computer. The computer simply cannot make the really complex designs, but it definetly speeds up the process for average jobs blueprints. Technology definetly can speed up the work in offices, but for jobs like a construction site, it doesn't serve its purpose as much.

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