Is technology eliminating jobs?

People say that technology is eliminating jobs. What do you guys think? I think that technology is taking over jobs. Robots are going to be the new workers.


People predict that automation with displace 20 million manufacturing jobs. People also approve of robots taking over their jobs even though some jobs are dangerous or really unhealthy for robots to work. There are more that 3 million robots working since 2020. The percent goes up 10% every year. China has the most robots working for humans at their jobs. If robots start taking over then you won't have money to take care of yourself or others that are in need.


Robots won't always be able to understand what you're saying. If you have a talking disability the robots won't understand you but humans that you have been around will understand those people. How are you supposed to get your food if you order it to go and the robots are only working? Who's gonna give you you're food because the robots won't be able to get to you. I don't think that robots should be working because they won't be good workers.




Do you think technology is eliminating jobs?

How can we stop this from happening?

Do you think having a robot for a job would be useful in any way?




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  • Good topic choice Katherine! This is a week late and you didn't rely to any student comments which is worth 30 points.

  • Technology is replacing some of the working class, but this could be beneficial for businesses. If a business is running low on workers, the business can replace a simple job and give the worker that originally had the job a new one or jobs could replace things with technology that makes it easier for existing employees. I do believe the pace at with people are being replaced by technology is concerning. 

  • yes i do believe that technology is elliminating our jobs, im not sure that we can stop this., yes they could help in some aspects of the job world but can cause issues with the fact people who need jobs for the lower class familiies cant suppport them if to many robots are made

  • Yes, robots do eliminate jobs but they can also create new ones too. Robots can be useful for business owners because they wouldn't have to pay employees to do the work. Robots can also put less stress and work on workers.

  • I think that robots is definitely elimnating jobs from humans since companies don't have to pay a machine to work. I think that they are more useful in some ways then humans as well for companies since they don't need to take any sort of breaks.

  • Technology has 100% been eliminating jobs ever since it was invented. However, it also creates jobs for people to work. I would be fine with robots doing jobs, as long as they are not in a human body shape and act like an actual human. Because then thats just freaky!

  • I think it is becoming more common to see technology replace human workers in certain areas of work. Especially as technology becomes more advanced. Technology can be a good replacement for people who have to work very dangerous jobs. But, I also believe that it is important to not take away jobs from people just to replace them with robots. 

  • Technology has been eliminating jobs since humans learned how to use it, it is now just becoming more advanced to the point where even customer service can be done with technology. I am personally not sure what the future holds for computers and humans but for now I think that it is very unfortunate that it is taking away peoples livelihoods. 

  • It is a fact that technology is eliminating the need for a human to be working a certain job. Artificial intelligence should be used in areas of repetitive, monotonous jobs. Like ordering food at a drive through, or assembling a something in a certain factory.

  • I think that robots are taking over a lot of jobs for humans in a lot of different areas. I think that robots do have a good use, but if we keep increasing the number of them, then eventually they will take over most of the jobs done by humans today.

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