Is Social Media Making Us Less Social?

Since the early 2000s, when social media first became popular, more and more people have become addicted to their cell phones. That addiction has limited in-person interaction due to the convenience of contacting people online. So, is social media making us less social? 

Social media is an internet-based form of communication. Social media platforms allow users to have conversations, share information, and create content. Social media has become one of the biggest forms of online communication. However, social media has its fair share of downsides. While it is an easy and efficient way to communicate online, it has damaging effects on a person’s face-to-face social skills. For example, online conversations limit the skill of being able to respond to social cues. This leads to less awareness of others’ needs that can only be received from in-person communication. Also, when humans are deprived of talking to others in person for a long time, we automatically develop a fear to involve in small talk. Many people now suffer from social anxiety due to not enough face-to-face interactions. 

I personally believe that social media has made humans less social. I constantly find myself scrolling through social media platforms for hours on end, before deciding to interact with my family. My parents struggle with this as well and are always looking for ways to limit screen time and get us to engage in conversations. As social media continues to evolve, I believe that its effect will only become worse on future generations. 

Overall, social media has both positive and negative effects on society. However, the negative effects certainly take a toll on the social skills of many. Social media plays a big role in our daily lives, but we must remember the importance of face-to-face interactions. 


What social media platforms do you use?

In your opinion, is social media a positive or negative platform?

Do you believe that social media has made people less social?

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  • I think that social media can be wrong for some. For others, it can do a lot of good. For example, you own a business, and your primary form of advertisement is social media. You are very dependent on the access of others viewing your page and posts. However, if someone used social media for bad this can hurt people's views about the platform damaging others. 

  • I think with the wrong peope social media can be bad. I also do think that having social media makes us less face to face social. We just get used to be able to snap or text someone if we need to talk to them instead of talking to them in person. 

  • I think that it really depends on who you are, and how you use social media. If you are prone to mental issues or problems, I think that social media can negatively effect you. But, if you aren't on it very much, or know how to use it carefully, I think that social media can definetly be very beneficial and fun for people to use.

    • I agree. Social media is a fantastic way for people to meet/interact with others, but only if used correctly. Like you said, mental health issues and the decline of social skills are major affects of social media. 

  • I think that  social media can be both positive and negative. you get to see and talk to your friends when you want or ask questions when you need. The negative side is that nobody knows how to talk in person and that can effect them later in life if they have a job. 

  • I feel like social media introduced us to a new way of socializing essentially, so instead of going out and meeting up with people you can just talk to them over a phone, which is objectively easier then trying to coordinate a time to go out and chat if you need to. I think that social media can be fairly positive if you surround yourself with the correct communities, but it can also be negative if you don't. 

    • Social media has definetly made communication easier. But how we choose to communicate is what affects our social skills. Like you mentioned, talking over the phone is an efficient way to have conversations while still interacting with the live version of someone. Our social skills are really affected when we turn to simply messaging online. 

  • I used TikTok and Snapchat. Social media can be both positive and negative. There are good things about it and bad things. For example, Cyber bullying is super popular on social media apps such as Snapchat, and TikTok. But theres also quite a bit of positivity on those apps as well, lost of uplifting messages, and things people can relate too. 

  • I think social media is both. There are so many good things about it, but there are also a lot of bad. I think that while it helps people be more social online, they are becoming more antisocial when it comes to being face-to-face with another person.

    • I agree. I think people are becoming more social online rather than improving their social skills in-person. Ideally, conversations skills with people online should translate into the real world, but that is not the case for many. 

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