Is Social Media Making Us Less Social?

Since the early 2000s, when social media first became popular, more and more people have become addicted to their cell phones. That addiction has limited in-person interaction due to the convenience of contacting people online. So, is social media making us less social? 

Social media is an internet-based form of communication. Social media platforms allow users to have conversations, share information, and create content. Social media has become one of the biggest forms of online communication. However, social media has its fair share of downsides. While it is an easy and efficient way to communicate online, it has damaging effects on a person’s face-to-face social skills. For example, online conversations limit the skill of being able to respond to social cues. This leads to less awareness of others’ needs that can only be received from in-person communication. Also, when humans are deprived of talking to others in person for a long time, we automatically develop a fear to involve in small talk. Many people now suffer from social anxiety due to not enough face-to-face interactions. 

I personally believe that social media has made humans less social. I constantly find myself scrolling through social media platforms for hours on end, before deciding to interact with my family. My parents struggle with this as well and are always looking for ways to limit screen time and get us to engage in conversations. As social media continues to evolve, I believe that its effect will only become worse on future generations. 

Overall, social media has both positive and negative effects on society. However, the negative effects certainly take a toll on the social skills of many. Social media plays a big role in our daily lives, but we must remember the importance of face-to-face interactions. 


What social media platforms do you use?

In your opinion, is social media a positive or negative platform?

Do you believe that social media has made people less social?

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  • Really well done Carly!

  • I mostly use snapchat, instagram, tiktok. I think that social media is a possitve thing because you wouldn't have any other way to communicate with your friends out of school. I think that social media is not making people less social because you can still talk to people.

  • I think that social media is making us more social but not in person.  I think that it is letting us hide behind a screen and talk to people over the phone.  I do enjoy social media but I use it as it is supposed to be used.  I think that it can be influential to the younger children that use it.

    • I agree. I think that social media is teaching younger children to become more efficent with technology and other sites, but it is also creating damaging affects on their in person social skills. 

  • I use what every normal teenager uses but a little less, I use tik tok, facebook, snapchat, youtube. Social media is a good way to express yourself so i think that it is good but it can have its ups and downs for people like boys on social media but for girls they get a lot of praises and good comments but not for guys. I think that social media makes people not less social because I believe you have control of your life.

  • I think that social media has many pros and cons to it. I think that people (specifically teens) need to spend a little less time on apps like snapchat, and spend more time with friends. I am definetly guitly of being on social media often. I think that social media is a great way to communicate (depending on the situation) and a great way to use the technology that we have.

    • Many teenagers, like myself, spend a lot of time interacting with our friends online simply because it is convient for us. Social media has allowed us to do that as well as make more friends. I agree with you in the sense that social media is a good wau to communicate, but communicating online and communicating in person are very different skills. 

  • I use Instagram, snapchat, twitter and a lot more. I also think that social media has some good and some bad. The good thing about social media is that you can connect with people from different countrys and make your own buisness. Though social media can be very toxic sometimes.

  • I am 50/50 on whether  social media is bad or good. I think It can make you social and it can't.  I use almost all social media that everyteen use. Like tiktok, snapchat, instagram, facebook, ect. I think I am always on tiktok. I am probably on tiktok more than I am being social.

    • I agree that more teens probably spend more time on social media than actually being social. This is a great example of how social media makes teens less social and how much time we actually spend on social media. 

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