Is social media good for kids

The people that think it’s good say that it expresses the freedom of creativity and creates a purpose of mind. It also connects kids to their friends even if they are across the world, allowing them to never miss their friends if they move. It also allows them to be aware of the danger of the world and the knowledge.

The other side says that cyber bullying would be a common occurrence for being on social media. The unsecure children may also leak some information and may lead to their privacy being invaded. Also the offensive stuff they may find may corrupt their innocence and lead to bad decisions in the future.


Personally I believe that you should allow your kids on social media. But I do believe   

It also depends on the parent and how well they protect them from the media.

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  • This topic has been overdone this semester.  I would also like to see your summary longer. The bigger issue is you didn't reply to any student comments whic his worth 30 points,

  • I think in general social media is bad for humans of all ages. Social media is one of the biggest outlets for people today and it's very addicting and toxic to the brain. I think that social media should be restricted so its more helpful and less harmful.

  • I think social media can be both bad and good. It can help your kid meet people but it could make them meet someone bad. So I think there should be some restrictions when they are younger but when they get older they should have full freedom of social media.

  • I think social media is generally a good thing but it can also cause a lot of issue when talking about mental health. Not even mentioning the physical toll that it takes on your body. I agree that it depends on the parent, because your parents can do a lot to protect you from some types of social media.

  • I think that social media is a good thing and a bad thing. I think that being able to socialize with friends and talk to people you don't see in person is a good thing. However, the overuse of social media makes it a negative thing. I don't think that kids are responsible enough to control how much they use it.

  • I think that social media can be really hard on the mental health of teens and kids, however, I think that it is also very beneficial for teens/kids to know what is going on around the world. I think that the pros of this weigh more than the cons.

  • I think that kids shouldtnt be on it till later in middle school and should be limited becasue of how bad the social media is. i wouldnt mind having it limited but thats what i do if im bored or in my free time. but it shjould be up to the parents

  • I was never allowed on social media until I think right before my freshman year of highschool. I was never bothered by not being on social media. I think that it should be left up to the parents and I personally think that young kids shouldn't have social media.

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