In the world there are different types of parents that try to control their children in a certain way and there's many ways but today we’re going to talk about the difference between parental supervision and parental control and why they are so important.

The difference between parental supervision and parental control is that parental supervision is to keep children from hurting themselves or others, and  to keep them away from dangerous objects and situations. This is really important because as parents you don't want nothing bad to happen to your child, so it's really important to have parental supervision to keep your child safe.


While the difference between parental control is your parents wanting to control everything you do off and on like. For example, your parents want to control who you should talk to and who you shouldn't talk to, control what type of videos or pictures you  post on social media, and also like wanting to control where you should go or shouldnt  go. So basically for them to really control what type of things you do in life. I feel like parental control is really not necessary as long as they trust their kids and have good communication with them.


Do you think parental supervision is important?

Do you think parental control is important?

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  • Good topic choice and well done overall Manlluli! I would like sources to back up your statements and also be sure to reply on three different days next time. This was posted later as well.   +5

  • I think that parenting control is important because parents need to be there to help if there kids do something harmful. Esspecially when children are younger, they need their parents to supervise a lot of what they do. This could benefit the child to know how to make good decisions and even how to parent when they are older.

  • I think that parental supervision is important because, without it, kids will do some stupid stuff. I also think that parental control is important because it allows kids to learn how to behave, and it teaches them what is acceptable and what isn't.

  • In my personal opinion, I do think that parental supervision is very important in a childs early life while they are still developping mentally. But, I do think that there is a clear and big difference between supervision and control. Especially when the child ages and matures they need more freedom.

  • yes parental supervison is important in certian sitiutations, as there are many dangers to children in todays world. yes parental control is very important as they can control websites when the phones work apps and such, becasuse in todays world things are becoming to dangerous

  • I think there is a big difference between parental supervision and parental control. Parental supervision is very important for parents because it will keep kids safe. But, parental control seems to be a bit extreme. I think some kids need parental control, but most just need supervision.

  • I think parental supervision is very important and can save some kid's lifes. I also feel parental control is important up until a certain age. I feel parents shouldn't just leave their kid to be able to talk to anyone and shouldn't let their kids post anything on social media. But also once they are a certain age they need space to learn things for themself.

  • I think parental supervision is important and needed. Having parental supervision is a good way to let kids learn on their own while still making sure they are safe. Every kid should have a parent that they can look up to as a role-model. I don’t think parental control is a good thing as it keeps kids from having any independence and goes too far. 

  • I think parental supervision is super important, a lot of kids end up with a non-successful future when their parents aren't in their lives as their growing up and it causes childhood trauma. But some parents go overboard and control their kids and don't let them learn "actions have consequences"  which is a good thing to know when you are older, without the knowledge your future as an adult could be really difficult because you're used to your parents making choices for you your whole life.

    • I agree i think that parental supervison is really important so that way kids dont get hurt and in someway we need parental control sometimes, but parents go overboard and want to control everything we dont in life and that is really not okay

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