Is online bullying more harmful than in-person bullying? Online bullying is less harsh because you don't know the person. If you do then it could be a little hurtful. Online bullying could cause depression, social anxiety, low self-esteem, etc. In-person bullying cause kids stress, lowering or loss of self-esteem, anxiety, depression, low school achievement, and even, in more serious cases, suicide. 


Online bullying could be less hurtful to some people because they do not know the person and when it’s in person, words can be more hurtful to people Both children were among 156 students who participated in an Australian study, led by QUT, to describe their perceptions of being bullied. The research led and supervised by Professor Marilyn Campbell from QUT's Faculty of Education, investigated the students' responses to both cyber and face-to-face bullying and asked which was more hurtful. The study was published February issue of the Journal of School Violence titled "Students' Perceptions of Their Victimization: A Youth Voice perspective." Professor Campbell said the findings indicated significantly more victims perceived traditional bullying to be more harsh and cruel than cyberbullying.

"It indicates the feelings of the children and the very real threat they have of being physically harmed by another child," she said.


I think in-person bullying is more harmful than cyberbullying. In-person bullying does more damage to people mentally and physically. Cyberbullying, they are making fun of you in a hurtful way but it isn't as rough as in person. Cyberbullying happens usually when you are playing a game and yall lose and they start calling you bad and stuff. In-person usually happens when someone was mentally abused or they are going through something and they take their anger out on other people. 


Do you think in-person bullying is worse than online?

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