Is Netflix becoming less popular?

Netflix used to be known as the world’s most popular streaming service. But in 2022, it lost almost 1.2 million subscribers. With more and more streaming services dropping, Netflix struggles to stay on top. A lot say that the increase in competition is due to the pandemic. Another issue with Netflix is the large amount of outdated content. Netflix struggles with adding new and updated content, so a large number of people are losing interest. The evidence shows it and it’s pretty obvious that this well-known streaming service is decreasing, but is this decrease deserved? 

Personally, I don’t use Netflix nearly as much as I used to due to the fact that the content is now outdated. I would much rather use streaming services like HBO Max, Hulu, Prime Video, or Peacock. I would most likely use Netflix more if they started adding more content.


Do you believe that Netflix has become less popular?


Do you think that Netflix has gone downhill with its content?


Do you still use Netflix as a normal streaming service?

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  • I think that Netflix has been on the decline comparative to other streaming services and streaming services in general are on the decline. Satelite TV is almost irrelevant when it competes with streaming services unless it comes to sports games. I do still use Netflix as a streaming service.

  • I think that Netflix has gotten a lot less popular. I personally don't use Netflix and I don't have any of the "streaming services". I do have Dish Network, but its because my siblings have such a wide variety of what they like to watch. When I get older I'm definitely going to have Netflix and Disney+ 

  • I think that netflix has became less popular. They took vampire diarys off of netflix and many other really popular shows, so their content has definitely gone downhill and became less popular. I do use netflix but not as much as I used to.

  • I feel like Netflix has gotten a lot less popular in recent years. I think it also might be part of us just growing up and being home less or having less time to watch stuff. i still use netflix but I've already watched almost everything that i find interesting so i don't watch it very much.

  • Netflix is definitely becoming less popular. This could be because of the rising cost, or the new types of shows and movies available on Netflix. There are also many more streaming services available now to compete with Netflix, and some people claim that the other streaming services are better than Netflix.

  • I think that Netflix is steadily evening out with subscriptions but the reason they are losing more subscriptions might not be because they are just not watching but might just be sharing accounts or having just one family account. I think the reason it was so high a few years ago was because everyone was stuck at home in quarantine and that was one of the best ways to pass time was to watch Netflix.

  • I think that netflix is not near as popular as it was. People use other platforms like youtube tv, etc. Netflix is slowing dying out unless it makes a good comeback. It would take a lot to resurrect netflix at this point. I believe there is better streaming services out there to citizens to use.

  • I think netlfix is becomeing less pupular casue you have all these other webites to like hulu disney + things just like that people might like better like them webites better so they are unscbribing from netflix.

    • I agree that the other streaming services are pushing Netflix out as a top service.

  • I honestly don't know if Netflix is less popular because I have never really watched it to start with. Since I don't watch it, I also don't know if the content has gone downhill.  I never really did use Netflix as a streaming service and I still don't. I do think, however, that there are so many other streaming services, and with Netflix making people pay, that the usage is probably going down.

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