Is Netflix becoming less popular?

Netflix used to be known as the world’s most popular streaming service. But in 2022, it lost almost 1.2 million subscribers. With more and more streaming services dropping, Netflix struggles to stay on top. A lot say that the increase in competition is due to the pandemic. Another issue with Netflix is the large amount of outdated content. Netflix struggles with adding new and updated content, so a large number of people are losing interest. The evidence shows it and it’s pretty obvious that this well-known streaming service is decreasing, but is this decrease deserved? 

Personally, I don’t use Netflix nearly as much as I used to due to the fact that the content is now outdated. I would much rather use streaming services like HBO Max, Hulu, Prime Video, or Peacock. I would most likely use Netflix more if they started adding more content.


Do you believe that Netflix has become less popular?


Do you think that Netflix has gone downhill with its content?


Do you still use Netflix as a normal streaming service?

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  • Fine topic choice and super job replying to people Addison! I would like your summary a bit longer.

  • Yes, I think that the streaming company, Netflix, Is becoming less popular. I feel like it has more competition than it used to.  I like to use Disney Plus. I have not been on Netflix in a very long time.  I do not watch as much television as I used to so that could probably be why I think that it is less popular.

  • I personally think that Netflix has become less popular over the last few years or more. I think this because there are more streaming services offered. Plus Netflix has lost lots of streaming rights to popular shows, or movies which also brings a decrease in subscribers to this streaming platform in my opinion. 

  • In my personal opinion and in my own personal experiences, I do believe that the streaming service Netflix has definitely seen a decrease in popularity over the past few years or so. I think that the platform prioritizing quantity of content produced over quality of the content produced definitely has had some effect on why fewer people are using the service.

  • I do believe that netfilx has become less popular because the content is getting less popular and people are using disesy+ more then netfix because there are more movies on desiney+.

  • I think that Netflix stays the same, but their data is just weird because so many people share accounts. Because of this it seems to be one or two people when it could be as many as ten or twelve people on an account.

  • I think that Netflix is starting to become less popular. I think that Netflix is eliminating all the good movies and shows. I think that Not that many people will use Netflix if they keep getting rid of the good content. They will start using other streaming services.

  • I personally believe that netflix is becoming almost obsolete because thier of hundreds of other streaming webstites that you can go to and still get the same thing. I also thnk it is because people do not want to continue paying for netflix anymore.

  •  I think one of the reasons Netflix is becoming less popular is because of all the other streaming services becoming available. It also could be because people do not want to keep paying for Netflix  when they keep raising the price. Personally, I have never really used Netflix that much.

  • I think that Netflix has been on the decline comparative to other streaming services and streaming services in general are on the decline. Satelite TV is almost irrelevant when it competes with streaming services unless it comes to sports games. I do still use Netflix as a streaming service.

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