According to experts,  living in the city  is more beneficial and provides more opportunites to its citizens.  By living in the city more opportunities for jobs, social activities, and amenities are available. People have access to many different stores and more options for education. Entertainment and other things people enjoy aren't far away. The average number of people living in a smaller city is 100,000 people, meaning cities can be stressful and chaotic for some people. With high populations, traffic, pollution, and crime rates are very high. 


Country living provides a peaceful environment with cleaner air, less noise, more privacy, more space and more safety. Living in the country is less stressful than a dirty, noisy city. Living in the country can better your health and decrease health risks. Pollution rates run high in busy cities with many factors increasing the rate including factories and car traffic. In the country, few factors contribute to the health of the air. This means living in the country is more beneficial to your health. With little to no neighbors, the traffic is low and it's very quiet if that's what you prefer. There are a lot more pros to living in the country compared to the city.


I don’t think that living in the city is more beneficial than living in the country. I live in the country now and when I am older I want to live outside of a smaller town away from people. I enjoy the quiet and peacefulness of the country now and wouldn’t want that to change. I wouldn’t ever want to live in the city. I think that living in the country is more beneficial to people's health and well-being.


Do you live in the country or the city?


When you are older, where do you want to live?


Which do you think is more beneficial?

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  • Good topic choice and well done Aubrey!

  • I lived in the country and the city. They both have pros and cons that are fairly equal, but it kinda depends on how your social skills are. Like if youre a quiet perosn who enjoys space and long ditances from human interaction then the country would be perfect. but if you like going out more and love human interaction then the city would be better. Personally I like the country side better.

  • I live in a very small town outside of Harlan. I think that I would enjoy wherever I end up. I understand both sides and I think it is just a personal preference and there is no straight answer. I think it can also be depending on where you grew up. If you grew up in a very bad part of a city you won't want to live there anymore. Same thing for living in the country.

  • I live in the country and enjoy it very much. I used to live in town but always felt like I was living to close to everyone else and was always in the business. Once I moved to the country it felt like the whole world opened up. I could walk 100 yards and not be close to anyone. 

  • I live in the country and think living there is way more beneficial than living in the city. When I am older I definitely want to live in the country. There is way more fun activities to do and I like the peacefullness a lot.

  • Big cities could offer more opportunities for people, but it all depends on someone's personal preference. Whether you want to live in the country or in a big city is your choice. I'm planning on moving to a smaller city, in a place similar to Harlan. I would honestly love to live anywhere that isn't Iowa, it just isn't the state for me.

  • I’ve been living in the country my entire life, and I have enjoyed it for the most part. I think the best thing about living in the country is the privacy. There are pros to living in the city too, and I have always wondered what it would be like. I am really not sure where I would want to live when I am older, and I am not against living in the city or the country.

    • I think there are many benefits to each.

  • I live in the city but I used to live in the country. Since I have lived in both I prefer living in the country and when I am older I Think I will live in the country.  I think that if you live in the country you have a lot different stuff then the people who live in the citys.

    • I think that they are both very different.

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