The history of Santa Claus goes back 100s of years. It is rooted from the legend of St. Nicholas, a man who spread his wealth by giving to the poor and sick. Today Santa is portrayed as a large man in red, who flies a magical sleigh around the world, (with the help of his reindeer),  and delivers presents on Christmas night. Children are told all throughout the year to be well-behaved so they don't end up on  Santa's “naughty list”. Many children grow up believing this legend, leaving out cookies for Santa, writing him letters, etc. The real question is when a child asks their parent “Is Santa real” should they lie? 


 Some believe that lying to children about Santa's existence is a “cruel idea” or “morally wrong”. At a certain point, kids begin to recognize reality vs fantasy, and Some worry when they do they will feel hurt or betrayed for being lied to. Research shows that “kids who are lied to by their parents are more likely to lie themselves.” However, Others believe that the idea of Santa is fun, magical, and a completely harmless lie. It is meant to bring Christmas joy while encouraging kids to behave.


   I think that it is ok for parents to lie about Santa Clause. It m,ay be difficult to realize it was your parents eating the cookies, buying  the presents, and reading the letters,  but it doesn't take away all the special moments of Christmas and our parents do it to make us happy. I think the lie of Santa is a harmless one. 


Do you think its ok for parents to lie about Santa?

What will you tell your kids?

How did you find out Santa wasn't real?   10886390481?profile=RESIZE_400x 




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  • Great topic and super job! +10

  • I think it's perfectly fine for parents to lie to their kids about Santa because it excites children and it makes them even more anxious for Christmas. I found out Santa wasn't real when I was about nine years old, and I will probably tell my kids that he is real until they are at a reasonable age to tell them the truth if they haven't already found out at that point. 

    • I agree with you Ill do the same as you with my kids. 

  • I found out about santa and all of the other fantasy people when I was 9 or 10. I think that santa and the others are a great way to have a fun childhood. However, it is important that the child finds out they are not real at a reasonable time period. 

    • I agree at a certain age they have to realize it. 

  • I found out that Santa was not real when I was 8. I heard my cousin talking about how she found out he was not real. I think telling kids Santa is real is ok because it gives them some joy to think that this magical being is going to come to their house and give them gifts. Kids will believe what they want to believe if they don't think he is real than it is what it is. If I had kids I would probably tell them he is real.

    • I agree it brings kids joy. Thanks for commenting.

  • I new that santa wasn't real when I was 10. My parents said that santa was real with me, but I believed them. I will probably do santa with my kids until they are old enough to understand. It is a thing that a lot of parents do with their kids. I eventually became santa for my younger cousins who still believe in santa.

    • Alot of people said they were 10 when they found out. Thanks for commenting. 

  • I think it is ok for people to tell their kids about santa. As kids it is fun to think that he is giving you presents. I'm honestly not sure how I found out he wasn't real. Its not like parents are telling their kids some terrible lies. Kids will eventually grow up and realize what is happening.

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