Is it appropriate to teach religion in schools


Do you think that teachers should be able to talk about their religion in school? There are 78% of schools that have religion in their schools because they think that it is a need. There are schools that don’t teach religion because they don’t see it as much as a priority as other schools. The schools that teach religion say they teach it because it is a part of a public school education because they think that is how people came to the earth.


I think that a religion class could be a class for people who are interested in it or people who need to take that class for credits. I also think that people who don’t want to take the class should not have to take that class because that could be their beliefs. That is what I think about having a religion class at our school.


Do you think that there should be a religion class?

What is your opinion on religion?






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    •  I agree I think that there should be an elective religion of any type because it is important that people know about it and this could be a way to do it. I agree I think now it would be a big jump to make both in the same place at the same time.

  • I don't think that religion should be taught in public schools. I get where you're coming from in saying that it could be an elective class, but it still just doesn't seem apropriate. In class, teachers are encouraged to not share their opinion on contoversial matters as to not influence students and do the thinking for them.

  • I dont think that religion should be taught in public schools like ours, because there are so many different people with different beliefs. I agree with 2Jadyn  , If it was taught in schools it would just be another thing for kids to argue about. I think school isnt the place for religion, church is. 

  • I do not think that religion is a subject that should be taught in school because some people don't share the same perspectives as other do. Religion is also something that isn't really needed in order to graduate or in order to go to college.

  • I dont think religion should be taught in school. Mainly because not everyone has the same belief. It will just cause another thing for kids to argue about. I think we should keep school and religion seperate. Im confused on what they would teach that church dosnt already? I think if you wanted to learn about religion you should go to a catholic school or attend church. 

  • I don't think that we should have a class for religion, but I think that we should incorporatre religion into our cirriculum. That way, the teachings aren't taken away from church, but we can still have some included. Mostly the science and history classes. We should be taught the way things actually happened as they are documented in the Bible.

  • If it is just a public school, I think that teachers can teach religions but not show an bias towards anything. If it is something like a catholic school, then yes, I think that they have every right to teach their religion to their students.

    • I agree I think that is it is a public school then they will need to be careful about it and not be bias but at the same time tech what they are saying. I also think that if it is a catholic school or something like it then they should teach what they are talking about.

  • I think it should be an optional elective so the students that have a religion can have a class and the students that don't have a religion don't get it forced upon them. If you are that worried about religious schools, though, than there is always the private school option.

  • It would probably be better for teachers not to talk about religion in a public school. Talking about religion could cause a lot of problems and some people do not agree with any religion. You could go to many Catholic schools if you want to be in a religion-type "region." I went to a catholic school until I was in sixth grade, and I think it is much different than the public schools. Religion is definitely not brought up as much and doesn't get talked about a lot.  

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