Is it appropriate to teach religion in schools


Do you think that teachers should be able to talk about their religion in school? There are 78% of schools that have religion in their schools because they think that it is a need. There are schools that don’t teach religion because they don’t see it as much as a priority as other schools. The schools that teach religion say they teach it because it is a part of a public school education because they think that is how people came to the earth.


I think that a religion class could be a class for people who are interested in it or people who need to take that class for credits. I also think that people who don’t want to take the class should not have to take that class because that could be their beliefs. That is what I think about having a religion class at our school.


Do you think that there should be a religion class?

What is your opinion on religion?






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  • Your topic has beem done before and your summary is a bit brief overall. Also be sure to reply more frequently on three different days.

  • I personally believe teachers and schools should base their teaching off of strict facts and not based of of anything that could possibly be opinionated. Religion can be taught many different ways and if some teacher believed some things that some other kids didn't believe, this could cause an uprising.

  • I personally don't believe that teachers should be able to teach religions in school for many reasons. One reason would be that some people might not believe something that someone else believes, and they could maybe be offended that someone is teaching something they don't believe.

  • I don't think that PUBLIC schools should have religion classes because there would be certain religions left out. However, there are private schools that are dedicated to learning school things as well as religion-based things. The only disadvantage of this is that private school isn't exactly free...

  • No, I do not think that there should be a class that teaches religion, but I do think that people should be able to talk about religion in school. I think that there could maybe multiple classes that teach differnet religions, but I don't think that there should be one religion being taught.

  • In my personal opinion, I do not think that the school system should be able to teach religion. I think that the school should be able to educate on religions and have discussions surrounding religion in school, but I do not think that they should teach one specific religion to the students.

  • I think people should be able to talk about and express their religion in school. However, I do not think it should be taught by teachers to students, leading to no bias. Unless it is a school designated to a certain religion, it should not teach certain religions. This can especially be a problem in science classes when it gets to the Big Bang Theory, or evolution.

  • I think that religion could be an option in school. But then I also feel that if we only taught one religion some people could get upset. Maybe there could be two or three classes teaching about the most popular religion. I feel that this would have to be an option for all students and it shouldn't be required to take. 

  • I kind of understand why we don't learn religion in school, but it would be nice to have a class where we learn about different religions without anything biased. I don't think it should be a required class though so that the people that don't want to take it can take something else. 

  • I think that a religion class would be acceptable so long as there are no biases and students would learn about multiple different religions. If this were to be a class, it would have to be an elective because not everybody will need a level of understanding of religions to have a successfull future.

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