Is Being An Only Child Better Than Having Siblings?

Is being an only child better than having siblings? 



Parents usually spend more time with an only child. Having other siblings causes less one on one time with parents. Don't get me wrong I love my little siblings but I wish I were an only child so I could spend more time with my parents. 



There are disadvantages to being an only child. One of the disadvantages is that the child could become lonely with no other kids their age to play and fight with. Another thing is sharing with other kids since this child has been an only child they won't know how to share with other kids when they go to school/play dates. An only child feels it's difficult to interact with other kids too because all they are used to is their parents. 



Kids growing up with siblings generally spend more time with each other rather than with their parents. Their relationship is likely to last longer and they can shape up against each other's personalities. They get to understand the value of relationships, love, and family at an early age. Children will be able to strengthen their communication skills by watching and listening to their siblings. The older sibling is most likely the role model and the younger sibling will learn faster. 

What are your thoughts on having siblings or being an only child? 

When you can have kids, will you have one or multiple? Why? 

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  • I think that it is better to have siblings because they give you a social connection in your lives and give you somebody to talk to. When I decide to have kids I want at least 3 so that they can talk with eachother and teach eachother things all throughout life.

  • I think its way better to have siblings then being an only child. Becuase if your the only child most of the time you are super spoiled and get anything you want. I also dont think you learn as much because when you have siblings you teach eachother things. Im not going to have kids.

  • I think that having siblings is better than being an only child. You get to have people to hangout with. When I was little I would always play with my sister and my brother. Without them I would have been lonely. Even though at times my siblings annoy me, I'm very thankful for them.

  • personally i think being an only child is better because everything is only for you, you are not gonna have to share anything with anybody plus the house is more peaceful and you woulndt have to be arguing with no one so thats some of the reasons why it is more peaceful.

  • I would like to be a only child because you usually get spoiled with everything you want pretty much. I do not want kids because they are useless and they cost money. Plus who wants a whiney kid and a kid that drools and craps themselves.

  • I have two siblings. I think that siblings are better than being an only child because it gives you a lot more socialization at a young age, which is important for child development. You get socialization at home too, rather than just at daycare or school.

  • I have two siblings. My older sister and I are definetly not what you'd call "close" even though we are two years apart. My little sister and I are five years apart and we are so close that sometimes, it makes my head hurt. Being the middle child and growing up with siblings was great. Even though we fight (a lot), siblings are fun. They teach you valuable life skills like learning to admit when you're wrong. 

  • From my experience with siblings, it would have been much more easier and relaxing just to be an only child. All of my siblings just end up annoying me. I cant think of one good thing that they have done for me. It would probably be a lot more boring as a little kid though.

  • Personally, I like having siblings. I like having someone to do things with.  When my brothers are back from college, we go golfing and go hunting together a lot. I enjoy having someone to do that with. Yes, I could probably find someone else to do this with but it's nice to be able to go whenever.

  • Personally if I could make the decision to be an only child or have a sibling I would probably choose to have a sibling. It is kinda easy to argue and fight with your siblings, but at the end of the fight you will still love each other. You won’t be lonely and you will always have someone to talk to.

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