Is Becoming Vegan Pointless?

       These days more and more people are becoming vegan because they think it is helping save the animals, but is this lifestyle actually better for the world? Becoming vegan is a bad idea because it is impossible to avoid using any animal products, veganism harms wild animals, and the vegan diet is not healthy.

       A vegan's goal is to not eat or use any animal products because they think it saves animals lives, and is better for the world. However, vegans rarely realize how many products have some type of material made from animals in them. Many beauty products contain products from animals. For example, make-up, nail polish, perfume and more all come from animals. Some of the fluids in your car also contain animal products, and if you think that a Tesla doesn’t use animal products because it doesn’t have an engine, the leather in the interior is made from animal skin also. There are so many products that include things from animals to be made, and I would encourage you to read about some sometime.

       Many vegans believe by eating only vegetables it will save animals' lives, however, this is not exactly true. Farmers are having to find more land to farm because of the increasing demand for plants. This is causing farmers to take more land to grow plants, which takes away from wild animals habitats. Without the correct habitat, animals do not have the correct environment to live in. Farmers are trying to use GMOs to produce more plants in less land, but people have a problem with that too, even though GMOs do not harm anything.

       Without eating animal products like meat, humans can not naturally get the correct nutrients they need to live healthily. Without eating foods from animals people will start to have deficiencies in vitamin B12, iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and high quality protein. People will also experience a lack of omega-3. A lack of omega-3 is likely to cause depression. A lack of omega-3 is also known to help develop schizophrenia, dementia, bipolar disorders and more.

       Several studies show that living a vegan lifestyle does not have major effects in helping the world, and the vegan diet is not healthy. Only the bad things that happen on bad farms tend to get spread to the public, which spreads the view that animal farming is very cruel and inhuman, however, I can tell you from experience that not all animal farms are that way. All in all, a vegan lifestyle is not smart, because it still harms wild animals, it is not healthy and more. So if you are contemplating becoming vegan, I would encourage you not to, and thank a farmer next time you see one.

Do you think becoming vegan is stupid, explain?

Do you think a vegan diet is healthy?

Would you ever become Vegan, explain?,%2C%20and%20high%2Dquality%20protein.

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  • Super job John!!

  • I think being vegan is for a good cause as the people who do it either have health issues that prevent them from eating meats and dairy while others do it for the environment and trying to stop the abuse of animals in the meat industries. I would become vegan if I knew I had an impact on the world.

    • It is sad that only bad information about bad farms gets spread around the world. The truth is almost all farms do not abuse their animals. Many people only hear and see the bad things that happened on a bad farm, and it really hurts the smaller farms that truly care for their animals. Either way veganism does not really solve this problem because animals will always be raised. If abuse is a concern, there are other ways we can stop those bad farms from doing that, but going vegan does not really solve that.

  • I think everyone can make their own decisions on what food they choose to consume, and I wouldn’t judge someone just because they choose to become vegan. Some people might choose to maintain a vegan diet because they believe it may help their own health. Personally, I never see myself becoming a vegan nor do I think I would enjoy that lifestyle.

  • I think to an extent, becoming vegan is fine. If it has something to do with your phyical health for example, if you're allergic to something. I don't think that becoming hard core vegan could be very healthy because you need good sources of protein in your diet. Without meat, I'm not sure how you could acheive that.

    • I also think that if a person can not eat animal products for health reasons it is understandable. I think that it would be very hard to find a good source of natural protien without meat. 

  • I don't think becoming vegan is stupid, and there are many many reasons why people do it. I think it is a healthy diet because you don't necessarily have to eat boxed processed foods, and you can get protein from other sources. I would consider it because many people say going on these types of diets made them feel the best they ever have.

  • I think that becoming vegan is pointless and stupid. I say that because eating vegetables and not meat is not healthy because you need to eat meat and not just vegetables. If you don’t eat meat how would you get most of your protein?

    • I also think that a diet should include meat and not just vegetables. Meat adds very many protiens, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to a diet. It is sometimes hard to find these things in vegetables without looking very hard for special plants.

  • Vegans are fakes, nobody wants to be vegan or eat non meat everday day of their life. I would much rather do something else just as long as I do not have to go vegan. I think that meat helps with health and makes you bigger stonger and healthier.

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