Is Becoming Vegan Pointless?

       These days more and more people are becoming vegan because they think it is helping save the animals, but is this lifestyle actually better for the world? Becoming vegan is a bad idea because it is impossible to avoid using any animal products, veganism harms wild animals, and the vegan diet is not healthy.

       A vegan's goal is to not eat or use any animal products because they think it saves animals lives, and is better for the world. However, vegans rarely realize how many products have some type of material made from animals in them. Many beauty products contain products from animals. For example, make-up, nail polish, perfume and more all come from animals. Some of the fluids in your car also contain animal products, and if you think that a Tesla doesn’t use animal products because it doesn’t have an engine, the leather in the interior is made from animal skin also. There are so many products that include things from animals to be made, and I would encourage you to read about some sometime.

       Many vegans believe by eating only vegetables it will save animals' lives, however, this is not exactly true. Farmers are having to find more land to farm because of the increasing demand for plants. This is causing farmers to take more land to grow plants, which takes away from wild animals habitats. Without the correct habitat, animals do not have the correct environment to live in. Farmers are trying to use GMOs to produce more plants in less land, but people have a problem with that too, even though GMOs do not harm anything.

       Without eating animal products like meat, humans can not naturally get the correct nutrients they need to live healthily. Without eating foods from animals people will start to have deficiencies in vitamin B12, iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and high quality protein. People will also experience a lack of omega-3. A lack of omega-3 is likely to cause depression. A lack of omega-3 is also known to help develop schizophrenia, dementia, bipolar disorders and more.

       Several studies show that living a vegan lifestyle does not have major effects in helping the world, and the vegan diet is not healthy. Only the bad things that happen on bad farms tend to get spread to the public, which spreads the view that animal farming is very cruel and inhuman, however, I can tell you from experience that not all animal farms are that way. All in all, a vegan lifestyle is not smart, because it still harms wild animals, it is not healthy and more. So if you are contemplating becoming vegan, I would encourage you not to, and thank a farmer next time you see one.

Do you think becoming vegan is stupid, explain?

Do you think a vegan diet is healthy?

Would you ever become Vegan, explain?,%2C%20and%20high%2Dquality%20protein.

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  • I dont necessarily think veganism is stupid because not every vegan does it to protect animals, but I dont think it helps the earth a whole lot like people think it does. Some people are vegan because of many things like texture or maybe they just dont like meat. I think too many people eat meat for vegans to actually make a difference if that is their goal. They arent really helping anything much but its personal preference so if someone wants to be vegan thats their choice. I would never personally because we eat a lot of meat in my family so I dont think I would even succeed. 

    • I also understand if people are vegan for health, religious, etc. Like you said, I don't think veganism helps the world as much as everybody thinks, and I do not think it saves the animals. That is when I start to disagree with some poeple on vegansim.

  • I would most definitely not go vegan, because my family is very big meat eaters. I don't believe that it helps the environment because it doesn't really change anything. Also, it would be hard for most people to get enough protein and nutrients without meat.

  • Personally, I would never become vegan unless I was forced to because of health reasons. I don't see a point of eating a vegan diet unless it is for health reasons. You don't get all of the nutrients you get from meat, and it actually doesn't help the environment like most vegans think it does, it actually harms it. 

  • I don't think that becoming vegan is stupid. There are many reasons why people are or become vegan. People may be vegan because of moral or religious beliefs, dietary restrictions, and others. I don't think you can argue that being vegan is unhealthy because everyone's body would react differently to the restraints of veganism.

    • I understand when people go vegan for health or religious reasons, however to try to save animals is what I do not agree with. Yes, everybody's bodies are different, but everybody's body needs the correct vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to live healthily. A vegan diet simply does not provide these nutrients without need of supplements.

  • I don't think that becoming vegan is really any good for your body. It really doesn't bother me that much if someone is vegan but, I would personally choose not to make the same choices as the people that do become vegan. Meat has so much complete protein that you need in your everyday diet. I live on a farm with livestock, and I would rather support that than become vegan and get kicked out of the house because of becoming vegan.

  • No, I don’t necessarily believe that becoming vegan is stupid. Some people have a personal preference when it comes to food and whether we like the same foods or not we’re eating for the same reason and that's survival. In some cases yes the vegan diet can be unhealthy when it comes to eating ONLY plants and nothing else it can be unhealthy for your body. Eating only plants can cause you to have nutritional deficiencies like vitamin B12, omega-3, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, and high-quality protein. Although it is harder for vegans to find products that don’t contain anything from an animal some vegans get their vegetables by planting and growing them themselves and they also can use meat substitutes instead of using real meat.  I personally won’t ever become a vegan because I don’t think that it is right for me. I prefer sticking with regular meat like a hamburger or ribs.

  • I think its pointless to become vegan. They are not providing the important nutrition that comes from meat to their bodies. they feel bad that animals are dying on a massive scale, but its just a part of life. Preditors like wolves and tigers don't go vegan because they "feel bad." Most people do it just to look good on the internet.

    • I 100% agree, most people that go vegan for animal saving reasons, just do it to look good on the internet or to follow trends. This is an example of what people in the world would do just to follow trends or look good, and I think that is stupid.

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