For those of you that didn't know, on the movie set of Rust, in October of 2021. Alec Baldwin fatally shot and killed his cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins. The incident happened during the shooting of one of the scenes in an old church. In this scene, Alec was cornered by a couple of enemies and was to draw his gun to kill them. Alec and Halyna were rehearsing the drawing of Alec's pistol to make sure it would be in the shot. Halyna was telling him where to move the gun so that it was in the shot. Next, Alec was pulling the hammer of his movie prop revolver that was given to him by the movie's armorer to make sure that the pulling back of the hammer was in the camera shot. Once Halyna had him lined up and gave him approval for that gun angle, Alec released the hammer on his revolver. He witnessed Halyna drop and claims he had no idea what had happened at the time. He said he thought she had fainted or had a heart attack. That story does not add up when we take into account that another man on the set behind her had been clipped by the same bullet and was bleeding out of his shoulder. He also stated that the dummy rounds in the movie's guns had no recoil, and from my personal experience, a loaded round in a real revolver has a significant amount of recoil. This also does not add up considering Alec had been shooting dummy rounds prior to this scene. 


Now the question is, who gets charged and why? As of now, charges of involuntary manslaughter are being tried on Alec Baldwin and his armorer. The question of why there was a live round in a movie set gun being pointed at someone is also being brought up. It is also the responsibility of the armorer to KNOW that there are dummy rounds or NO rounds in the gun. The fact that there was a live round mixed in with dummy rounds on a movie set that involves pointing guns at people is outrageous and irresponsible on both Alec Baldwin AND his armorer. Personally, if I was handed a gun that was loaded by someone else and I was going to point it at a person, I would NOT assume that there were dummy rounds or no rounds at all in the gun. It only takes one shot to kill someone and mess up your whole life. Even though there is an opinion out there that says, "Well Alec obviously didn't try to kill Halyna", it is still involuntary manslaughter. Involuntary manslaughter as a charge is made because it is still ILLEGAL. If it was legal, then it wouldn't be a charge. There was a cameraman on the set that backed out days before the killing because of a "Lack of gun safety on the set". There was also a crewmember that stated that there had been a couple of accidental gun misfires on the set before this shooting in the first place. This brings up a few more concerns on this topic.


Personally, I think that Alec Baldwin and his two armorers should be prosecuted fairly for involuntary manslaughter. Just because it was an accident, doesn't mean it was legal.


Do you think that Alec and his armorers are guilty, or innocent of these charges?

How do you feel about there being live ammunition on the set?

What do you think about multiple crewmembers being concerned about gun safety on this set?

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  • Good topic choice and very well done Harrison!

  • I think that it is only reasonable that there is some sort of charge on these people. Just because it was not intended to happen, not purposeful at all, doesn't mean that someone didn't die. The definition of involuntary manslaughter is literally an accident that wasn't supposed to happen, that's caused by someone's negligence and recklessness. In this case, both of those are true. More saftey precautions could have been taken, preventing this from possibly happening.

  • I think that this tragic incident was caused by the armorers negligence more than Alec Balwin, but both could have been more responsible when handling the gun. I don't think there should have ever been live ammunition on set as it is unsafe for anyone involved in the production. 

  • I think he should not get arrested this is kinda dumb if I got handed a gun and they told me nothing was in it why would I check it if I was him first he probably doesn't know much about guns and several people should have checked I think it is weird people were shooting with live arms there why would they even want live arms on there for this too might happen.

  • I think the people who got the guns ready caused the accident. There should've never been a bullet in the gun for filming a movie. They should have more safety if they are going to film a movie like this. I think that the fact that there was live ammunition on set is crazy.

  • I think that it is mostly the person who got his gun ready's fault for there even being a bullet in the gun. But, if you have ever learned gun safety which he shouldve to deal with one on set then you would know that you should check a gun everytime you are handed one and never point it at anybody else until you know that it is safe.

    • I agree that you should still check a gun every time it is handed to you. It doesn't take that long to check a gun, and it doesn't take long to mess up and kill someone with it.

  • I personally think that the armorers are more guilty than Alec is. Because it's not Alec's job to see if the firearm had live rounds in it when he was given the gun, although he probably should have checked it. I think that there being live ammunition on the set is crazy and unsafe. 

  • I think that the armorers are more guilty than Alec. The armorers were supposed to make sure the firearm was safe before Alec handled it. I think that Alec probably should have checked the firearm too. I think that the fact that there was live ammunition on set is crazy.

    • Yes, the armorers are responsible for gun safety. The whole purpose of their job is to provide weapons and make sure they are safe.

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