Is AI Getting to Realistic?

What is AI? AI stands for Artificial Intelligence it is a simulation of human intelligence process by a machine and computer system. AI has been in the news now for quite sometime. But lately there has been controversy with AI now. Now that AI has advance what If I told you your favorite arist and song was write by AI?


Music fans all over the world are surprise with a new song called “Heart on My Sleeve”. The song was written by AI but simulated the voices of Drake and The Weeknd. Even a host of music-realted Youtube channel enter the discussion whether or not if the AI even surpass the talents of the real artist. We are at a point were AI has gotten so advance that it is now able to make songs and simulate the artists voices. But this is not the first time this has happened.


These new AI generated songs has now have the music industry on high alert. Drake and The Weeknd label Universal Music Group has now invoke copyright violation to take down the AI generated song “Heart on My Sleeve” on every platform. But after this incident the music indusrty is now trying to do stuff to prevant this in the future.


           Do You Think That AI should be allowed?


          Do You Think That AI Will Advance Even More?


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  • Good job overall Anthony. I do think your summary could be a bit longer and be sure to pread out your replies to strudents better. Most of your replis were on the 27th. The AI topic is also a bit overdone.

  • Personally, I do think that AI should be allowed because it can help a lot of people. However, I do think that they should stop at some point before it gets too weird. I do think that it will keep on advancing, but I hope that it doesn't go too far.

  • I think that Artificial Intelligence should be allowed, but not developed too far. Right now AI does not feel very realistic, but some things chabots say feel weird when you think about how it's coming from a robot. I believe AI will continue to advance in the future.

  • I think that AI should be allowed, but they should limit the production of it due to the possibility of robots taking over the world/becoming self-aware. The human race simply cannot make AI too powerful, because if/when they do, it will be the end of us.

  • I think that AI should be allowed because it can help us in many other aspects of our future life. Personally, I think that AI is pretty interesting because it can do so much. I think that AI will advance in the future because people will keep working on developing new technologies. 

  • I think that if AI is allowed then it should be common knowledge that it is AI so people know what it is, I also think that they should have go get permission from the artist to use their voice. I think that if they happened then it would be very unpopular. I think that everything advances more and more the question is more about the rate at which it will advance.

  • I do not think that Artificial intelligence is getting too realistic. People can still control Artificial intelligence. I think that when Artificial intelligence is controlled by itself is when it becomes too real. For now, I do not think that artificial intelligence is too realistic but that could change very soon

    • I agree on what you said. It is not realistic right now. but who knows what will happen in the future with AI. But if it does take control of itself like you said it will be realistic.

  • I think that even though AI is getting more advanced and it is very scary, there is nothing we can do to stop the devolopment of these electronic advances. People will continue to invest in these projects, and society will continue advancing no matter the side effects of doing so.

  • I feel like Ai is good because it is able to do things for people while we cant like looking doors through an app while your not at home. but i dont think that people should rely on is as much as we do. i think it will continue to advance way more over time but hopfully it doesnt get to advanced.

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