iPhone Clean Energy Charging

Apple has recently come out with a new update that only charges your iPhone during peak hours of electricity use. They call it clean energy charging and it is meant to reduce your carbon footprint, but does it really help in the grand scheme of things?


To start, clean energy charging works by tracking a local carbon forecast to track when low carbon emission energy is available for use. This only works if your iPhone is plugged in and the clean energy charging option on settings is available. If your iPhone is updated to update 16.1 or newer, this option is automatically on unless you turn it off. Furthermore, your iPhone will track the charging schedule it is usually on and will only charge if the phone is on this schedule.


Why is this bad? The feature was updated to every iPhone and turned on automatically without users permission. This didn’t allow users to choose whether or not to try it out and see if they liked it. Some users are worried that their iPhone won’t be fully charged when they need it to be charged. Some users are reporting that their iPhone is charging slower than normal. If you would like to turn this feature off go to settings>Battery>Battery Health and Charging> Then turn off Clean Energy charging


To recap, Clean Energy Charging is a new feature on iPhones that tracks your local carbon forecast to use the lowest carbon emission energy possible. However this feature was turned on automatically and some users are worried that it doesn’t help their iPhones. 

Do you think that this update will help lower carbon emissions?


Will you turn off Clean Energy Charging on your iPhone? If so, why?


Do you think this is a good way to lower carbon footprints and carbon emissions?




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  • Good topic choice and well done Levi!

  • I don't think it will lower carbon emissions as much as they think it is. I will probably turn off Clean Energy Charging because of the fact that it takes away some of the ways my phone can charge efficiently and fast. Apple should've made it so when it updated to 16.1+ you could get a popup and choose whether to choose if you can have charging on or off.

  • I think that this has a chance of working but very very slim. The fact that we have to talk about our carbon footprint shows how much we use our phones now  a days during our everyday life. I think this would be a great way to lower carbon if we can.

  • I personally don’t think this stuff works. If they thought it was going to why wouldn’t they just do it there are more pros than cons or they would just do it and have a debate on it. and how would it charge your phone? I don’t think positively of this.

  • I can not see this new update reducing our carbon footprint. I think that Apple should have gave iphone users a chance to try it out if they wanted to. I don't think this new update will effect me very much because I only charge my phone every couple of days because I don't use it much. 

  • I don't think this will help, because if everyone in the U.S. has their phone charging at the same time, it sounds like it's going to start a problem. I feel like it would cause some sort of an energy issue. I most definitely will be turning this feature off on my phone because if my phone isn't charged when I need it that would be a problem. This also isn't a logical idea, because if someone was in danger they wouldn't be able to charge their phone when they need it to call help.

  • I do not know if it will help or not but I know that I would find it very angering if this was turned on automatically I think it should ask the users first. I think that I would turn it off but I would also turn it off right away as soon as it gave me issues. I'm not sure if this is a good way to lower carbon footprints or not becuase how big of a difference is it going to make?

  • It may help lower carbon emissions by charging in the correct areas. I do not care whether mine is on or off because it does not affect me to the extent that I care. It is good to try to lower emissions but I think there are more ways to lower emissions. Ex. The Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline running through the midwest going to the Dakotas.

    • I agree, I think the Summit Carbon pipeling would be a great place to do so. I think with old phones with dying batteries the charging problem is more prevalent.

  • I dont know whar carbon emissions are so it can't be that bad and if it becomes a problem then I will turn it off.  If someone needs to charge something then they need to charge it don't make it so I can't charge my phone.

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