Should Students Be Allowed to Grade Teachers?

There is a debate on if students should be allowed to grade teachers. For years, teachers have graded their students’ tests, homework, and extra credit assignments. Now, there is a change in this system.

There are now websites that allow students to rate their teachers. In high school, there is a website called This allows high schoolers to give their teacher a review, and then from there you go through a multiple-choice section and then it gets added to other peoples ratings. In the beginning, students were allowed to comment on the teacher. However because the comments were anonymous, there were many hurtful things said and biased opinions stated because of the grades the students got and because they could do that. However, they changed that so that you can only answer the questions they asked. In HCHS is on 

In college, there is a website called and it allows college students to, well, rate their professors. When they rate them, they can comment, however there are guidelines, and monitors are constantly checking to make sure each comment is not biased and follows guidelines. And that is not all. In you can also rate the college you are at. 

I personally think that students should be able to rate teachers. I say this because to me, it is kinda like giving them a report card : Here is what you did well on, and here is what you can improve on. I also think that once you get into college and you can choose the classes and teachers that you are going to take, seeing reviews can help you make those decisions. In high school, you can’t really choose the teacher, but it is helpful for the teachers when they are teaching the class.



Do you think we should be able to grade teachers?

Could there be any bias with rating/grading teachers?



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  • Great topic choice and super job overall Maryruth! Be sure to rate me!!

  • Feedback would be a more appropriate way of "grading" a teacher, as a written out response to someone is a far better way to tell them what they could do to improve rather than just putting down a letter grade. There could definitely be bias when rating a teacher as students tend to not like the teachers that give them a bit more homework than other teachers even if they are an objectively better teacher. 

  • I don't think we should be able to grade teachers. But I do think that we should be able to give back good and realistic feed back. We should also be able to explain to teachers why we deserve a better grade on something we tried really hard on. 

  • I think that it is extremely important that teachers recieve feedback from the students that they teach. I do think that many of the students would not be impartial when grading teachers. Many students would just give their teacher a bad rating purely based on what they got in the class.

  • I think that students should be able to jugde teachers based on their actions. If the teachers can judge us based on our actions, its only fair that we can do the same. It could encourage teachers to act more professionally. 

    • You make some really good points, I agree. Teacher should act like they are being judged, just like we do.

  • I think we should be able to give feedback to teachers so that they can learn to teach better. I think there would be bias with "grading" teachers. Sometimes kids will grasp onto a project better than others so they could give better feedback. I don't think we should grade them but just give them feedback on their teaching.

    • See, the thing about the whole "grading" process is you are giving the feedback and reviewing them. I agree with all your points, and really it isn't grading them, however, positive feedback will give them a rating out of 5. For example, Mr. Bruns has a 4.6/5 based on how kids responded. You make many good points. 

  • I think we should be able to give input towards teachers. I think students givng them advice or "grading" them could help them in the long run. Sometimes students have a problem with a teacher and can't always adress it. So, it would be a good idea to grade teachers. 

    • I agree, some people can't address the teachers, and there could be bias against the teacher, but giving them feedback can help all of us 

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