Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the use of force and multiple other things to get some type of labor or sexual act out of a person. Men, women, and children are trafficked all throughout the world. It happens right here in the U.S. It doesn’t matter your age, race, man or women, or nationality, you could possibly be a target. There are multiple ways that trackers use to lure in their victims. Like violence, fake promises, romantic relationships, and manipulation. 

In Iowa there have been 221 calls to the Human Trafficking hotline and there have been 86 cases of Iowa-based human trafficking. Out of all the reports in Iowa over half of them are minors. vThis is a crime that can be committed behind closed doors or in plain sight. Since 2007 has identified 644 human trafficking cases and 1490 victims were identified. 62% of cases are sex trafficking, 10% is labor, and sex labor is 3%. A lot of  trafficking takes place in hotel/motel based places. It could be workers or traffickers keeping the victims in the rooms. 74% of victims are women and 16% are men. 


What steps do you think we could take to prevent this?


What can you do to not be targeted?


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  • Good topic and one that hasn't been done so +5!  I do think your summary could be a bit longer and include more of your thoughts and opinions. While you did a great job replying, be sure to comment back on three different days next time. 

  • I think to prevent human trafficing people could share less personal information on social media. So much can be found about a person by just searching up their name, that's not right. Self defense classes also provide awarness for people that could be a possible target. There are steps to take to prevent these things, people just need to take action.

  • I think the steps to stop human trafficking would be to be carefull on what we share in the internet and who you have as close friends. To not get targeted  set your social media to privite, because Traffickers have peoples sociamedia information to reach out to and recruit victims and dont over share too much information with people that you dont know.

  • I think one thing parents could make children do is take a self defense class. It will not only help with trafficing, but also help with kidnapping and bullies, if it gets to that point of course. I think parents should make sure kids are safe, have their location, and know what they're doing and where they are in ,case something were to happen. 

  • Some steps we can take to prevent trafficking is to learn to defend ourselves, or what to do if we think that we are being followed. Also, being alone in a big city is a bad idea because they usually target people that are alone because it is harder to kidnap a group of people. Traveling with friends/family is a good idea. 

  • I think that there are many ways to prevent human trafficking. One way to help is to learn more about self-defense and how to defend yourself in dangerous situations. A way to provide this is learning this in school like in a PE class. There are a lot of things that you can do to make yourself less of a target like hanging out in large groups and knowing your surroundings. You could also have your phone with you at all times if it has a tracking app for your parents.

    • I agree that hanging out in big groups helps, but just make sure you know the people and trust them. If you don't feel safe just call a friend or someone to come pick you up. My parents will always tell me if i feel uncomfertable in a situation to call and they will come get me no matter what.

  • When your with a group of friends you won't be targeted as easily. If you wear something not revealing. If you go with your parents to places. Walk in the light not the dark because you can see who took you and in the dark it's harder to see who took you.

  • Human trafficking is a big worry for my parents as I start to get older. I want to get out of the house more, but all they want to know is if i'll be coming back home. Self defense should be taught and used everywhere. There are so many people who would benifit from using it.

    • It's a big worry for a lot of parents. I totally get it. My parents are the same way. I tell them what time i'll be home and if im running a little late i will call them and tell them. There are a lot of people that could benifit from slef-defence classes.

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