1. Do them! You can take notes on the blog section of my website, on a Google Doc or on paper.

-If you take notes on a Google Doc, you still need to hyperlink your notes into the blog section of my website. Be sure to give me editing options as well. I want to make sure that you have taken notes the entire four weeks.

2. Opt out of notes if you aren't going to take notes. 

3. Focus on taking notes and what information you specifically learned that day.
-Do not just list what you did that day or list the topics we discussed.
-If no traditional notes are taken, mention what we did that day.

4. Organize your information by days or weeks and possibly topics so it makes it easier for you to go back and study for tests and quizzes.

5. The title should be as such: Week of August 26-30(The date on Monday through the date on Friday).

6. Each weekly blog should be published during the week it represents.

7. While the focus will be on what you learned, please give your best effort when typing in regards to grammar, spelling, etc.

8. If you are gone most of the week, make note of that in your weekly blog. Be sure to get the notes from someone or my Powerpoint.




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