Homelessness in The United States

Did you know that nearly six hundred thousand people are homeless in the United States according to data from 2020. That may be a tiny percentage of the three hundred and thirty two million people that live in this country, but it is still an issue. It doesn’t matter the percentage, what matters is that there are people without shelter not knowing if they will get another meal. I think that homeless people just need more help and support from the government. I don’t mean that the government should stop worrying about everything else and focus on the homeless problem. However, some assistance is needed.

For most, living on the streets isn’t by choice. They find themselves on their own and then struggle to get back to normal living. Some try to get their lives back on track. However, most don’t have any way to clean themselves and some struggle to find food. No employer is going to want to hire someone that is dirty and not taken care of. society looks down upon the homeless, seeing them only as beggars who waste all of their money. In reality, most of them are just trying to survive. All these people need is a little help. I think that the government should get more involved in helping those who end up homeless. 

Whether it be from the citizens in the cities or the government, help is needed for the homeless. The problem with this is that there isn’t enough attention to it. To make a difference for homelessness there has to be more people realizing that it is a problem. More influencers or news outlets need to bring it up. There are people and programs already doing things for the homeless. Things like homeless shelters and food cabinets exist. More programs need to be established to keep up with the problem.

If you cannot tell, I am a big believer in helping the homeless. They are just like the rest of us, people trying to live day by day. I think that more help is needed to reestablish them into standard living. If everyone helped each other out then we wouldn’t face this problem, but that’s just not how this world works.


Do you think that Homelessness is a problem in the United States?

What do you think the government could do to help this issue?




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  • Good topic and new(+5)! Great job Kai!

  • Yes, I think homelessness is a problem everywhere, but especially in the big cities. It's also a big problem in the United States. The government could help by making more support groups for them to get food and more homeless shelters. Also more funding for homeless shelters and ways for them to get the help they need.

  • I do believe that homelessness is a big issue in the United States. I really don't know how you would solve that problem and make it fair for everyone else too, but there needs to be a way. I believe that the government could and should help this issue.

    • I agree, I don't really know of a way to help this problem efficiently, but something needs to be done about it soon.

  • I agree that homelessness is a big problem here in the United States as you can go inot almost any city and expect to see at least one homeless person. I think if parks could have some sort of made-in shelters that could help homeless people without spending a whole lot of money

  • I think that there is definitely a large part of the U.S population that does not have a home. The government should find a way to provide more shelters and homes to those in need. There is almost alway someone on the corner of the streets in bigger cities because they have nowhere else to go.

  • I do believe that homelessness is a problem in the United Stares. There are so many individuals and families that have to suffer in such unfourtuanate circumstances. I think that in some cases, they could have gotten themsleves there in the first place. I think that the government has tried to help with offering unemployment benefits in multiple ways.

  • Homelessness is sad, not that I feel bad for them or anything, I get that some people that are homeless have no choice but, everybody has a choice to change their live around at any giving point. All it takes is some encourgment and a job.

    • I agree, but sometimes it is hard for the homeless to find a job. The homeless don't really have any way to clean themselves up, so employers don't want them.

  • In my personal opinion, homelessness is one of the largest problems facing the United States of America right now. I feel that one of the main contributors to this epidemic is increased prices of virtually everything in the economy. Even though I think that the government does already do a lot to help these people, they can always do more and do better.

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