One moment your cheering on your favorite hockey player watching him score a goal next you screaming at the refs because a guy on the other team started fighting with your team and the ref gives your player and the other player 2 minutes in the box. along with fighting another big part of hockey are the finals as well as the points.


   Fighting in hockey is about rare as corn in Iowa but depending on how bad the fight is you can get different penalties. First, there are two types of penalties for fighting, major penalties, and minor penalties. a minor penalty will land you in the box for 2 minutes. a major penalty will get you in the box for 5 minutes. But, after the game, a committee decides whether or not you are suspended from a few games. that depends on how bad they deemed the fight to be.


    Next are the playoffs, the hockey playoffs have a bracket of 7. The top three teams in each division make up the first 12 teams in the playoffs. the next two places will be filled by the next 2 highest-placed finishers in each conference. and obviously, the team who wins all their games is the champion

    Finally is the point system. there are basically 2 different point systems, a team point system which is what the score of the game is, and a more individual point system where 4 main factors play into the points. the team score is what you get when you score a goal in the game pretty basic. the individual point system has a few things that play into it the first being goals earned by players which earns 1 point for the individual. the next part is assists this also earns 1 point for the player who helped the person score. the 3rd part is about the goalie and that is goals saved this earns the goalie 1 point as well. and finally, the fourth part is also about the goalie and that is goals given away which again gives 1 point.

(please note that the individual scores have almost nothing to do with winning the games except for the goals scored points)







My brother


Should fighting in Hockey have worse penalties if so why?

Should fighting in Hockey have lesser penalties? explain?

If you could change 1 rule in Hockey what would it be?

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  • Fine topic choice Josiah. It was posted two days late and you didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points.

  • I personally like watching fights in hockey, because they make it more interesting and less boring. I think that the penalties they have right now are good, and I don't think they need to be worse. I don't watch hockey that often, so I don't know what rule to change.

  • I think that hockey should have fewer penalties because it is fun to watch people fight in the arena. If i could change 1 rule in hockey it would be a rule that overrules all other rules. It would state "There is no rules" and then the fun begins...

  • I think that fighting should not happen so it should have worse penalties so that it doesn't happen. I do not watch or pay attention to Hockey enough to know what I would change about it because I feel I should know more about something before saying what should be different about it.

  • I think that fighting in hockey is fine. I think that fighting in hockey has gotten to a point that is just engraved in the sport. Plus it is entertaining and also player are wearing protective gear and pads so I don't think it hurt that bad. 

  • I think that with all the padding hockey players wear, fighting isn't that bad in most cases. Also, with an hour long game, 2-5 minutes is pretty fair. I'm sure the fighting is a big reason people like hockey. I don't know any hockey rules, so I couldn't exactly change any of them.

  • I think fighting in hockey should have worse penalties because the most fighting in sports is in hockey. If I could change one rule in hockey I'm not really sure what it would be mostly because I'm not really into that sport

  • I think the fighting is fun to watch, making the game more entertaining because, in my opinion, it's not very entertaining. But I think the penalties/consequences should be more strict because one of these times it will get out of hand and someone will get seriously hurt.

  • I think that fighting in hockey is a unique part of the sport that makes it a very entertaining sport. Taking fighting away would drastically decrease the viewer amount of hockey games. One rule I would change in hockey would probably be making the goal a litte bit bigger allowing more goals.

  • I think fighting in hockey is funny and I think they should let eachother have it,  because hockey is boring and atleast it gives a show to watch. I think they should have it out for atlaest a minute and if someone starts getting hurt they get pulled off. Make it more brutal.

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