History Of The NFL Draft

The history of the NFL Draft is pretty fascinating. It all started back in 1936 when the first-ever draft was held. The idea behind it was to create a fair system for teams to select new players and maintain competitive balance in the league. Before the draft, teams would often sign players without any restrictions, leading to imbalances and dominance by certain teams.

The draft changed all that by giving each team a chance to pick players in a specific order, based on their previous season's performance. This helped level the playing field and make the league more competitive. Over the years, the draft has evolved in many ways. In the early years, it was a relatively low-key event, with teams making their picks over the phone. But as the popularity of the NFL grew, so did the draft. It became a major event, drawing in fans, media coverage, and even live broadcasts. Today, the draft is a multi-day affair, with teams meticulously scouting players, making trades, and strategizing their picks. It's an exciting time for football enthusiasts, as they eagerly await to see which talented players will be joining their favorite teams. The NFL Draft has also witnessed some iconic moments and legendary players being selected. From Peyton Manning and Tom Brady to Barry Sanders and Jerry Rice, the draft has been the starting point for many Hall of Fame careers.

It's a true testament to the importance of the draft in shaping the future of the NFL. So, the next time you tune in to the draft, remember the rich history behind this exciting event. I really enjoy watching the draft. 



Did you or have you watched the NFL Draft?

Who is your favorite NFL team.

Who do you think had the best pick this draft?



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  • I have personally not watched the NFL draft live but I have watched small clips of the NFL draft to see how everyone did. I also watch small clips of the NFL draft because it is a good way to know how to run a drill effectively to get the best time possible. I think my favorite NFL team would have to be the Eagles. 

  • I have not watched the NFL draft, The truth is I'm not into watching football, I'm more into watching soccer, I've seen very few of them through my uncles but I never watch the complete games. Saying this, I can't say that I have a favorite team because I don't know the sport enough to choose a team and know who plays well and who doesn't.

  • I have never seen the NFL Draft, I have never really seen an NFL football game and I don't know if I ever will because I'm not a big fan so I couldn't say which team chose the best in this Draft or which one is my favourite team.

  • I have not watched the NFL draft, but sometimes when my dad is watching I'll occasionally glance over. I don't think I have a favorite team, but I enjoy watching the 49ers. I don't think I looked at the draft long enough to decide who got a good pick.

  • I did not watch the NFL draft. I do not have a favorite NFL team, because I think they are very polital and I don't like football anyways. I think that one guy from the Hawkeys got pretty lucky for being drafted to the eagles. 

  • I have not watched the NFL draft and I don't know who the best pick is. I enjoy watching football when my brother has it on but there isn't a team that I would say is my favorite. I did cheer for the 49ers this year.

  • I haven't ever really watched the NFL draft and I don't know if I ever will. football is only interesting if you're watching it in person. Watching it over the TV makes me bored. I lose interest super fast. I don't have any clue or idea who has the best pick in this draft, but I am kind of interested.

  • I have never watched the NFL Draft and I don't really plan on watching it. I like the Chiefs because my whole family enjoys watching the team play games. I don't know who had the best pick this draft, and I don't really care that much either.

  • I've never watched the NFL Draft, but I've seen posts about it online. I don't really have a favorite NFL team because I don't normally watch it, but my mom likes to watch the 49ers bc she's a big fan of Brock Purdy because he used to play for Iowa State.

  • I did not watch the NFL Draft, I do not follow football at all so the draft is definetly not my thing. If I had to pick a favorite football team I would have to choose the Rams, they originated in Saint Louis where all my family is from, so that would be my coice for a team. 

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