History Of Soccer

When was is invented? Soccer was invented in England in 1863. There was multiple types and versions of like soccer in Mexico and China and Ancient Greece. The first ever soccer team ever was Sheffeld Its considered the first soccer team ever. The world cup, It was first brought in 1930, the first World Cup games was played by France and Mexico. France beating mexico 4-1.  

The Ballon d'or has been givien every year since 1956. What is the Ballon d'or. Its an award for the best performance by a club player, and best success in the soccer club. They choose the winners by voting, the voting system is determined to journalist. The first ballon d'or winner was Stanley Matthews from Engled, The most recent winner was Lionel Messi. 

Soccer in the US. Where did it come from? It came from immigrants during the 1850s. German Italian immigrants.

The United States soccer team was founded in 1913. Most recent soccer new for the U.S Soccer team. They played Jamaica for the Concacaf semi- finals with a win 3-1 over Jamaica. The 2026 world cup is going to be playing in North America. On sunday the 24th. US soccer national team beat Mexico 2-0 to win the Concacaf.











Do you think the Harlan team is going far this year?

If you had to play for a soccer team who would it be?

Who is going to win the 2026 world cup?

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  • I am not sure how the harlan socer team will do this year, i hope they do good because it is my hometown team. i am not sure who i would play for if i could choose who i wanted to play for, i do not really know the teams. I am not sure wo=ho will win the world cup in 2026. 

  • I personally think the girls will do well and I hope the boys go far in their season this year. If I had to pick a team to play for professionally I would have to say Brazil's National football team. I hope that Mexico's National team wins but otherwise, I would like Brazil or France to win.

    • I would agree Brazil has some new talent and has a big chance on winning it all in 2 years. Mexicos National team has been through thick and thin these past couple of years 

  • Of course I do think that Harlan team is going far this year, I don't know which team I would play for, there are actually several teams that are good and that I like. I think I'm still among the best who have been in recent years (France or Argentina). But I hope in the 2026 world  Cup it will be another country.

  • I think the Harlan team could do well and maybe go far. If I ever played for a soccer team it would be a little league and nothing important. I have no idea who is going to win the world cup. 

    • I would agree becuase harlan has some good players and managers on the team. the team who should win the world cup the US 

  • I think the Harlan teams could do pretty well this year and hopefully have a sucessful season.  If I ever played for a soccer team besides Harlan it would be a team at a little college. I have no clue who will win the 2026 world cup.

  • I think that the harlan team will go a decent waise this year because we have a lot of people out. If I had to play soccer I would play for the harlan team because I don't know what other team is there. I think Argentina will win the world cup.

  • I am not sure how far both Harlan teams will go this year. I'm hoping both go far this year and think that they both have a chance at it. If I had to play for a team I don't know who I would choose. I don't really watch much soccer, so I don't think I could guess who will win the 2026 world cup especially because it is so far away.

  • I think that the boys and girls on the Harlan soccer team will do good this year. I am in soccer right now, and I will say its tough but im learning a lot and having a good time with it. Im not sure what soccer team I would play for, I don't really know what teams there are. I couldnt tell you who would win the world cup. 

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