Has the internet made society better?

Many believe the internet has made society better, others believe it has worsened society. Those who think that the internet has improved society, say it's a much simpler, more accessible, and more immediate way to contact family, friends, and personal relationships. As well as being able to make payments online such as bills, online shopping, and banking. These individuals believe that social media is beneficial for society, it helps people grow deeper connections with one another. 


Sixty-four percent of the US population has stated social media has mostly a negative effect on society. Having access to social media can bring addiction and can affect our in-person communication skills. Extended screen time can result in health complications like insomnia, eyestrain, and increased anxiety and depression. The internet can cause changes to your brain, such as your memory processes and emotional behavior. Nowadays, the average attention span is five minutes. 


I believe social media can be helpful for some things, but overall it's not very effective. We as individuals don't socialize in person as much as we did when social media wasn't as popular. Most of us would rather communicate with other individuals through our phones rather than in person. 


Do you think social media has a positive or negative impact? Why? 


What's your most used social media app? 







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  • Your summar is well done but could be a tad longer. Be sure to reply back more frequently next time.  Two days late.

  • I think that the internet has brought our world closer than ever before. For example, I can communicate with anyone from another part of the world with the click of a button, whereas before internet, you would have to send letters or visit the other countries in person.

  • While I do believe in my opinion that social media has greatly helped with communication across vast distances, I do think that it has come with some unintended negative side-effects. I would like to say that I do not use social media that much, but honestly I do spend a decent amount of time on tik tok.

  • I think social media has definitely helped with communication between loved ones and news reports. They also have the opportunity for bullying and harming mental health. I use an even mix of snapchat, instagram, and tiktok, I would say. They are pretty balanced.

  • I think there are many pros and cons to social media. It helps people keep in touch if they are not right next to you, but it also makes people a lot less social in real life. Also, social media and the internet help people stay more informed on what is going on in the world.

  • I think that Social Media has more of a negative impact. We are always on our phones. Although I can keep a long-distance friendship better, we could have as easily started sending letters if we really wanted to. Its shows that people who talk face to face will have better relationships than if you just talk over social media. Yes, I and my friends do talk over snapchat, but we mostly talk in person. I've gotten better friends talking in person than I ever will talking through a social media app. 

    • I agree with you, social media has caused us as individuals to socialize less in person and more through our phones. 

  • I believe in some ways social media and the internet have improved society. Social media makes it easier to stay in contact with people even if you live far away from each other. The internet makes it a lot easier to access information that before could only be found in books. I also think there are downsides to social media and the internet being created. 

  • I think that social media has both positive and negative impacts. Some people use it just to be mean to others, whereas others use it to spread their lives and their happiness. My most used social media app is TikTok because there are a lot of cool cars and funny stuff on there. 

  • I think social media has either a positive or negative impact depending on how you look at it. It has made many things way easier and faster, but it has also influenced a lot of suicides and bad behavior. My most used social media app is definetly either Snapchat or TikTok.

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