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On Friday of last week, Governor Kim Reynolds passed/signed a law allowing teachers to carry guns on school grounds. The law, House File 2586 also gives school districts and school employees qualified immunity for the use of reasonable force. It requires the state's largest school districts to employ school resource officer in their high school unless their school board votes to opt out. Republican supporters think allowing school districts to choose is a way to give school districts more control over safety. Democrats and gun violence prevention groups say it will make students and school employees feel less safe because there could be gun accidents in schools. Democrats opposed the bill that allows school districts to use professional development funds to pay for training for staff members who want to have a gun.


Do you think teachers should be allowed to have guns on school grounds?

Do you think students and other staff member will feel safer or not?

Should professional development funds be used to train staff members on how to properly handle a gun in school?

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  • I think that they should that they should be allowed as long as they take a class to actually know how to use the gun. I think that they will in some classes because some teachers might not know how to use a gun as well as others. 

  • I think that it heavily depends on the situation. If the guns the teachers have aren't locked up properly, then there is potential for danger. I think that I wouldn't feel as safe because a student could get ahold of them easier if the teachers didn't have them. 

  • I think teachers should be allowed to have guns on school grounds but only some teachers that do specific things to be able to have the gun and make sure that there save to have them. I think the profesional development idea is a good idea so if teachers want to have guns they know how to use them.

  • I think they should but at the same time it is a high risk of people getting in the way of the teacher and the invader fireing at each other I do believe people or staffs would feel safe because students can grab the teacher fire arm without them knowing I feel like have a proffesstional would be a huge pain for teachers to learn how to fire a gun some teachers are lazy or they don't want to think about shooting a kid.

  • I think that teachers can be allowed to have guns as long as they are handguns and they have permission from the superintendent or someone of higher authority. I think it depends on the student whether they feel safer or not, some will and some probably will not.

  • I think that students and factitly would feel more safe if we allowed teachers to carry on school grounds. The reason why I think that the students and factility would feel safer is becuase if RJ was not here and there was someone in the buliding the teacher could defend us.

  • I think that teachers should and shouldn't. It's like an iffy kind of thing, I think it just depends on the teacher, they should all have to go through training at least once a month to be able to keep the guns in their possession. As long as they understand and know how to use a gun properly and for the right reasons its ok. 

  • I'm fifty-fifty about this because if the teacher has a gun then they could protect the class if someone were trying to shoot them, but also a student could take the gun from the teacher.

  • I think school teachers should be allowed to carry a gun on school grounds if they get permission and if they pass the test they need to carry a gun. I think students and staff will feel safer because then if a school shooter comes in the teacher could come in.

  • I think that if teachers are able to carry guns in schools that they should have to take special classes and courses to make sure that they know how and when to use the gun. I think that It might make some students feel safer, but others might be scared.

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