Giant Pandas: Are They Worth Keeping?

We all know and love the cute and cuddly, black and white panda bear. We also know that it is at the "vulnerable" status of the animal endangered list according to the World Wildlife Foundation.  Pandas, although being in the bear family, are completely herbavoirous and for all their days of existing they chomp on big bamboo sticks, consuming 26-84 pounds of it daily. Pandas also have a poor maturity rate, meaning that they need more time, energy, and resources to grow through life stages. 

If you take a typical Grizzly Bear, they hunt as well as scavage for food.  They keep down the local herbavores but because they are omnivores they also scavage as well.  Grizzlies contribute to the management of the life cycle of their habitat.

With limited resources, all of the conservation cooperations are looking to keep the world happy, the animals alive, as well as to prevent further damage toward a different species. It's kind of like they are playing a very complicated game of Chess. By moving most of their resources to keep Pandas running, they are ignoring others, possibly bigger, fish to fry. Pandas aren't critically endangers like the Orangatan, or Sumatran Elephants.  They are not even Endangered like the Bluefin Tuna, or the Galopagos Penguin.  All of these creatures contribute to managing their habitat, unlike the Panda.

So while Pandas are cute, the efforts made to maintain their existance does not equal the profits of their contributions.  I believe that while they are adorable, less efforts should be spent on them, and a greater focus on animals that are more functional to our world and ecosystem.  Even if that means they move to Critically Endangered, or dare I say, Extinct.  It's not a popular opinion, but is one that best utilizes our world resources.

Do you think Pandas should continue to receive the resources currently given to maintain the species?

What other species do you think should have greater awareness of vulnerability and more resources used to save them?

Is there an animal you believe should have less resources contributed toward maintaining the species and why do you believe that? 

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  • Good topic choice and good summary Abram! +5  Be sure to reply more frequently and be sure to get it posted on time next time as this is a week late.

  • I think that giant pandas are worth keeping because we should try to keep as much animal species alive as possible. Even if the cost is great, we are most likely the ones who destroyed their habitat, causing most species to go extinct. I don't think we should reduce our costs or stop trying to help giant pandas.

  • I think that all animals are important and they all do something for the community. Even if we don't see them doing anything, they are worth keeping. why would we want to get rid of them? the only reason to get rid of them would be if they made the world have problems. 

  • I think they should. This should apply for all animals. We want to try to keep all of these animals here when we are older. Giant pandas are very unique and interesting animals. Giant Pandas aren't the only animals who may go extinct or endagered.

  • I don't think it matters what kind of animal it is. We should always try our best to make sure that no animals go extinct. Some are going to and we won't be able to prevent it, but I know that there are some animals that we can help.

  • I think that not only pandas should be saved, but also other animals going extinct. We've had so many unique animals go extinct already and it's sad to think about, what if our children won't be able to see all the beautiful, unique creatures as we did? It makes me wonder if future generations will blame it on us because we didn't try to help the problem.

  • I think that we should try and keep all animals. It doesn't matter if they contribute or wtv they are still a living thing and deserve to live. We should try and prevent any animals to go extinct. 

  • I think that we are actually ruining our plant, because of the things we use or need. Panda's are worth saving because they spread seend in their droppings. Meaning they help grow food for people around them. They even help with fuel.

  • I think that protecting pandas is causing such a problem for our ecosystem due to focusing more on them rather than the other endangered animals. Then maybe we do need to take a step back on saving them and focus on the others. Instead, we could focus on the Galapagos Penguin since they are also endangered. They are losing their lives due to lots of different things such as climate change and even pollution. No, there is not another animal that I think needs less help preventing its endangerment.

  • I think every animal is worth keeping no matter how much work is needed to be done. This planet is a very important and beautiful. We shouldn't be killing them off just because they require a lot of work. That is just cruel. Polar bears and other artic animals are also dying and need help. 

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