FedEx Kidnapping

On November, 30 a 7-year-old girl was taken from her front yard. The FedEx driver, Tanner Lynn Horner, was delivering the young girl's Christmas present when he took her. Athena's mother, Maitlyn, called for stricter screening policies for FedEx drivers. Athena and her family lived in Wise County, Texas. Her mother states, “I was robbed of watching her grow up, by a man that everyone was supposed to be able to trust to do just one simple task – deliver a Christmas present and leave.”


A county-wide search was conducted and her body was found that Friday afternoon. It is believed that she was killed within an hour of her kidnapping. The cause of Athena's death is still unknown, as the investigation is still ongoing. The suspect is being held in Wise County jail with a $1.5 bond. He is set to have charges for aggravated kidnapping and capital murder. 


Horner said that he accidentally hit the girl with his delivery truck. He panicked and even though she was not seriously injured he took her with him. Horner was worried that she would tell her father what had happened. I cannot imagine how this family feels after losing their daughter. I'm sure the 7-year-old was terrified when she was taken and had no clue what was happening.

Do you think the driver hit the little girl first?


Should the driver be sentenced to life in jail? If not, what do you think his sentence should be?


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    • I agree, I don't think he hit her. 

  • I do think the driver probably hit the little girl and left, like a hit-and-run. But the driver let alone should be in jail for a long time because he hit a little girl and attempted kidnapping. I would say the driver should probably get a life sentence for what he did. 

    • Yes, he should get a life sentence. 

  • i do belive the driver hit the girl first and that caused him to kill the little girl. the driver deserves more than a life sentence he deserves to be put on death row as texas is one of the states that allow the death penalty as it already has 9 execustions set in 2023.

    • Yes, he defiantly deserves something more. 

  • I think that the driver as bad as it sounds pry did hit the little and got frighten and left, i also belive that the driver should be in jail for the rest of his life, because he fled the scene and killed a innocent child. Therefore i think that the driver should get the maximum penalty for vehicular homicide and any other charge the feel necessary.

    • I agree, he should be put in jail for the rest of his life. 

  • I personally don't think that the driver hit the little girl first, I think he just used is as an excuse so he wouldn't get in so much trouble. I agree taht he should be sentenced to life in jail because he took advantage of his job to kidnapp and kill a girl. The little girl's family might be destroyed right now.

    • I agree, I think he is trying to cover up for himself and he didn't actually hit her. 

  • I think that the girl was not hit until the guy found out that the police know it was him then he hit her to make up and excuse. I think that guy should be in jail for life because he has kidnapped a girl that had no clue what to do and also hit her.

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