FedEx driver kidnaps and murders a young girl.

A 31 year old man, Tanner Lynn Horner, kills a young 7 year old girl whose name was Athena, this all occured in Texas. Tanner Lynn Horner is now charged with aggravated kidnapping and capital murder. Tanner claimed he hit Athena with his truck but she was not injured severely in any way. After hitting the girl he took her into his truck and even told her his name. Tanner admitted that he was worried the girl would tell her father so he kidnapped and killed her. He not only admitted to the murder, but even told where to find her. They then found her body southeast of the city, Boyd. (Which was about 11 miles from them.) As you could and would expect, Gandy, Athena's mother, was devastated. She said, "I was supposed to bring Athena back home to Oklahoma after Christmas break. Now instead, Athena will be cremated and she will come home in an urn because I am not anywhere close to being ready to let my baby go."


Overall, what this man did was extremely wrong, and he should have just accepted what he did. I think he should have just gone to the door and admitted what he did. I know and understand that he was panicked, but that still doesn’t defend any part of what he did.

What do you think he should have done?

What charges do you think he should have?

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  • In any situation like this, murder is the wrong thing to do. He should've just gone to the police or the girl's parents and told them what he had done and he would've been able to move on with his life much earlier. Now that he both kidnapped and murdered her, the charges he's facing are going to be much more severe than what they would've been. 

  • I pretty sure that he would get life in prison because I would have been smarter by just going to tell her parent that you hit her. I don't think it right that he should have kinapped the girl when she could have lived. I think it not very easy for the family.

  • I think he should spend his life in prison, I mean murder is murder. Once you kill someone there's no going back. This man couldve owned up to the family of the girl and said he hit her with the vehicle. Of course, he'd get in trouble and probably have to pay money to the family, it's way better than killing the young girl and spending life in prison. 

    • I agree with you, he should have owned up to what he did. The little girl was helpless and uninjured therefore he should have just told her parents what happened. 

  • I think that this news is frightening to many people and that it proves that there are too many ways for people to get kidnapped and even worse. Security restrictions are not as tight as people may like them to be. I think that this man should spend his life in prison. Charging a death row sentence is too easy, and I think that he deserves to think about what he did. 

  • I think that he should have done it differently. I think that he should have told the parents and said what he did. I dont understand why he didnt call the police and why he tried to hide the firls body. I feel sorry for the family and wished that he reacted differently to the situation. 

    • I agree, the family is devastated, all because he couldn't admit his wrongs. He should have just told the parents what happened and excepted what would happen next. 

  • I think that this is bad and scary. I think that sometimes we are naive to how dangerous this world really is. I think that the Fed Ex driver made it worse for himself because he lied about it. I think that he should be charged with something. 

  • He definetly should have reacted differently. Accidents happen. He should have informed the parents and admitted to what happened. It is terrible that he ended up killing the girl and I don't want to imagine what the family must be going through right now. 

    • I agree, her peers and family are mourning, and yes accidents happen, the girl was uninjured as he says, therfore he should have just told the parents. 

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