Facebook market issues

Facebook marketplace is a huge buying and selling store. You can buy/sell everything you could imagine by category. Mainly people use this app to buy stuff because you can interact head to head and not have to deal with a dealership or a store, depending on what your  buying. This app is just like SWAP, that is just selling and buying mostly clothes.


Now moving on to the (pros) of using this app, like i said before it's all in person and trust worthy. Yes there may be some scams on this website and that is why before you go look at or pick up what you're about to spend your money on, give the dealer a call or a text making sure he gives you all the information. A lot of people have been scammed on this app but a lot of people have been pleased with their outcome.


Some cons are…just trust, depending on how much you can trust. But aside from that, like I mentioned, people have been scammed and some have not and sometimes you just have to be smart with your senses and money. Example is, if I wanted to buy a 10,000 dollar truck or car it is either gonna look really nice and have everything wrong with it or I could buy one with everything right with it but ugly, and especially with the truck prices people would go with a car. 


Personally I go on marketplace on occasions just to browse the trucks and cars for sale, most people go on the market to look at, cars, trucks, parts and essentials for a vehicle, marketplace serves many purposes and people sell everything but clothes on it(new things to old), so yes I do trust marketplace if I get ahold of the seller and talk about the information.

Do you shop on the market?


Have you ever bought something off Facebook?


Do you trust the sellers or buyers?





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  • Good topic choice and new(+5) Reichen! Your summary is well done as well! Be sure to comment back on three different days next timee.

  • I do not shop facebook marketplace and have never bought anything from the sight. I don't know if the sellers would be considered trustworthy just because they are on this sight. Even if the seller gives you informations that seems correct does not make the product any less of a scam.

  • I have never bought anything off of  Facebook, so I don't know if I should trust the sellers or not. But I would most likely not trust the person I'm buying things from, just because I don't know them. So I don't think I'll buy things off Facebook unless I personally know the seller.

  • I personally have never bought something off facebook. I can see how people can trust people though. I also don't shop on the market. If I did, I probably would not trust people like that. I just like to trust those who are known and reliable sources. 

    • Some trust some dont its a mind game almost depedning on ur situation and how you feel. I personally think that marketing is all on your hand and your mind, trust your senses and you will be okay.

  • I've never shopped on Facebook Marketplace, but I have shopped off Instagram sellers, Poshmark, Depop, etc. which is kind of the same concept. Online buying can be a hit or miss, it's hard to trust any sellers, even Amazon packages never show up, or you get scammed on ads you see on social media. Online shopping is crazy confusing and untrustworthy nowadays, so I think it's better to stick to trusted sellers, such as Nike, Target, etc.

    • Some do perfer instagram shops over face book market which is totaly okay it is all their own opnion on what they want to shop for and spend their money on.

  • I have never personally bought anything from Facebook Market but I have browsed and some things that people list are really good for the cost and others aren't so good. Just like with Ebay or Craigslist you could get scammed or something that was damaged, it's always a risk. Being scammed is really up to you sometimes, you have to be careful and cautious where you're putting your money. I would use Facebook marketplace if I needed it because you can find some good things on there!

  • I do like shopping off marketplace. Normally, it is just normal people in your area trying to sell something and they will not scam you. Usually, when it is a priviate party like this, you will not get taken advantage of either. You can generally find some pretty good deals.  I have bought and sold quite a few things on marketplace.

    • I agree I bought my car and my truck from marketplace, both from resanible people that i could easily trust and not be scarred of a scam by any means.

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