Effects of Childhood Trauma

Around 43% of children in the U.S. go through childhood trauma. Whether its abuse, neglect, parent/friend loss, parents' divorce, etc. This affects children throughout their whole life. Trauma can stay with children for a very long time and have major effects on them, not just as a kid but as an adult too. Sometimes it can be so traumatic that they forget their whole childhood, almost like they never even had one. 

Studies have shown that childhood trauma has major effects on children later in life. People who have experienced trauma at a young age are:

15 times more likely to attempt suicide

4 times more likely to become an alcoholic

4 times more likely to inject drugs

3 times more likely to use antidepressant medication

3 times more likely to be absent from work

If you’ve experienced trauma as a child you could potentially push your trauma onto your children as well. How does this happen? Trauma can leave a chemical mark on a person’s genes, which can be passed down to future generations. A person’s DNA can sometimes change after they are traumatized which can cause them to affect their children without even trying. Childhood trauma is a sad and hard thing to deal with/understand. But there are many things people can do to help. Be a person they can talk to, sometimes you need to just let some feelings out. Give them time, sometimes they don’t want to let it all out at one time. Don’t criticize them for how they feel. Accept how they are feeling.


What are some other things you can do to help?

Do you know someone who has childhood trauma?

Have you ever experienced something traumatic?

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  • Well done Emma! Be sure to reply back on three different days. Posted a bit late

  • I do not peronally know naybody with childhood trauma but I have heard about childhood trauma. Me personally I do not have any child hood trauma in my life/past. I do not know anybodu with this type of trauma so I would not know how to help

  • Childhood trauma can have very unfortunate, lasting effects. If you are close to a person, it's good to heed any details they share with you of their trauma and be sensitive. Traumatized individuals can benefit from long-term therapy that can help them cope on a day-to-day basis.

  • I think that simply being there for that person and being a stable part of their life can have a big positive impact. You can't change what happened or is happening to them, but you can be there to comfort them or help them get through it. 

  • I think that another thing you could do is to just try to be a happy face that they see frequently, I know that when I am having a rough time with life seeing certain people smile at me everyday helps. I do not think that I know anyone with childhood trama.

  • I think that just simply being there for the person that experienced any childhood trauma is really one of the only things you can do. You can't change the past but you can at least comfort them and make them feel a bit better. Maybe making them think of something else. 

  • I have experienced childhood trauma and it's long lasting effects. By being there for those who have experienced trauma and supporting them, you're doing all you can.You can listen to them, talk to them, and make sure to be there for them when they need it.

  • I personally do not know anyone with childhood trauma but what I would do to help is just be there for them and listen to them if they need someone to talk to. I don't think i've ever expierenced something traumatic. If I did I would want someone to talk to me and listen to my problems.

    • I agree, being there for them and being someone they can talk to is the best thing you can do.

  • I don't personally know anyone with severe childhood trauma. The best thing that I would do to help someone with childhood trauma is just be there for them to talk to and make sure they know that I am there for them whenever they need someone. Therapy can also be very beneficial for those who have trauma.

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