Drug addicts: Do they need help or punishment?

Addiction is a brain disease. Repeatedly taking drugs or alcohol can cause your brain to change. Addiction is a progressive disease if not treated the addiction will just get worse. Causing them to be irritable, sudden weight loss, slurred speech, and small or enlarged pupils. People who are arrested for drug related crimes get at least 10 years of incarceration. They still have access to drugs in prison if they want them badly enough.  


I believe that addiction should be treated instead of punished. Nobody should have their parent, guardian, or child taken away because of a brain disorder. I know what some of you are going to say, “it was their choice”, “they made the choice to do it”. It’s not that simple drugs and alcohol are an addiction, it may start out with someone choosing to do them. Over time if they keep using them they can get addicted to it in less than a week. Once they decide that it's not good for them and need to stop they will try but it will not always work that way. 


What do you think should drug addicts be treated or punished?


If they should be treated, why?


If they should be punished, why?


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  • Great topic choice Lexy! I do think your summary could be a nbit longer and also be sure to contiue replying to people all week.

  • I personally believe that drug addicts should receive some kind of help. While I do think that they should have some punishment because they did commit a crime, they should also be given resources to overcome their addictions. Although, I think that drug dealers should not get the same luxury.

  • I think drug addicts should be helped more than punished. Yes, they did the crime, but after a while, it becomes an addiction, and becomes harder to get rid of the addiction the more you do it. I think that most drug addicts need someone to help them. I think that they should still be punished after though.

  • I believe that drug addicts should be treated instead of being punished. Most who struggle with this type of addiction don't actually always know that they are struggling with addiction. Throwing them in prison, or putting them in grouping homes isn't going to solve their problem. Over all, I believe that they should be treated over being punished. 

  • I personally believe that they should be helped instead of punished beccause not all of them want to start doing drugs and in the medical field addiction is labaled as a mental dissorder. but in the end I think that most peopel truly do need help.

  • I think that they should get a fair treatment of both. They are the ones that started to do the drugs in the first place and it is entirely their fault for doing them but they need help getting back on their feet becasue they are probaly in a dark part of their life. 

  • No one as vulnerable as to start doing drugs should ever be put in jail, that is just inhumane. A lot of addicts are stuck in hard situations and doing drugs is their only escape from them, this is not an issue that requires punishment, they need help.

  • I think that they should be helped not punished. their punishment should go to the dealers and makers of the drugs. Not all of them want to start doing drugs but they might start off with smoking tobacco then move to marijuana and other more deadly drugs.

    • Yes I 1000% agree that the punishment should go to the dealers and ones who are advertising it. Some people don't want to start but can't help it cause of perpresser 

  • I think that drug addicts should be treated over being punished. I think this because everyone should deserve a second chance and drug addicts are good people on the inside that got wrapped up in the wrong thing. It is better for drug addicts loved ones that they get help for them and turn their life in a better direction.

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