Does Trash Talk Have a Place in Sports?

Are you in sports? Do you watch or play sports? If so you’ve definitely experienced some sort of trash talking, whether it’s towards you, a teammate, or even someone on the opposing team. Maybe it’s just teams trying to have some fun, but how far is too far?


How long has trash talking been around? Trash talking has been around since the early 1970’s and continues to evolve every day in every sport. What is trash talking? According to the website, Britannica, “making insulting comments towards a team or player to intimidate them.” Trash talking is made to raise the suspense of games and increase the amount of people watching. Trashing talking originated from basketball, the actions that caused this boastful language were dunking and dribbling behind the back. Now, anything can cause someone to say something to intimidate a player. Trash talk is used in every sport, at any level.


Many think that trash talk should remain in any game/match to keep the event more entertaining to watch and to raise the stakes. The New York Times article states, “It puts more pressure on the performances of all involved, both the talker and the target, and demands to know whether they can handle that added stress and expectation”. Most athletes think that the comments made towards them are just something said in the heat of the moment, they don’t necessarily mean it in a harmful way. Some players don’t think they need to trash talk, they just need to be good at the game instead. An article on Quora about Tim Duncan states, “Timmy doesn’t care for trash talking or emotional mind games. He doesn’t engage in it. To him, it’s just a distraction that needs to be blocked out in favor of his goal: championships. Trash talk can easily tear down a person's self esteem or make them lose their love for the game.


With the details provided, trash talk is a main part in sports. Trash talk is made to get into someone's head during a big competition or even just a normal game. Some aren’t able to handle it and decide to quit playing because of it, whilst others do it in every game and plan to keep doing it until they retire. Trash talk is used in every sport, at any level.



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Questions :

Do you trash talk? If so, what kind of comments do you make?

Should trash talking stay in sports?

Do you think trash talking is useful?

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  • I don't trash talk I make none Honestly I don't think it should but it incourges others to actually try agianst other competative players I feel like trash talking is not useful because it's more like starting an argument.

  • I enjoy talking a little bit of trash in sports only when someone on the opposing team is making me mad but most of the time I just have friendly talks with oppoents. I dont think it should be banned I think watching sports and seeing trash talk is funny. I think its useful to make other players mad.

  • I am not a trash talker because I let actions show and not words. I don't think their should be trash talk I only do it around my friends but not actual oponents. I don't think it is that useful but it probably just depends on the person.

  • I dont trash talk very much because I don't think I am Goodenough to trash talk. I think trash-talking should stay in the sport. Evan if they tried to get rid fo trash talking it wouldn't work because people are still going to talk. I don't think trash-talking is useful

  • I think that trash talking should stay in sports. I don't think it bennefits anyone, but I think it creates more tension and causes teams to want to win more. I trash talk sometimes, I don't really make mean comments to the people, but sometimes I will say something to my team.

    • I agree, I think it makes the games more interesting to watch!

  • I dont trash talk out loud, just mostly in my head or I say something to a friend but not directly to the person im talking abouts face. I think it would be ok to stay in sports but maybe not during the game because it could make the person you are talking about mad but doing it after the game could be fine. I dont think it is useful because lots of it is opinion and it makes people angry and just brings peoples confidence down. 

  • I don't trash talk out loud, but I do in my head. I think it's important to have good sportsmanship and to show respect to the other team no matter the circumstances. Even if the other team is being rude or not following the rules. I don't think its a good thing during the game, but possibly after the game, you can express your feelings. 

    • I think expressing your feelings after the game would be better than in the game!

  • I don't trash talk because I don't really think in benefits anyone. I think that it just makes the other team more mad and is an overall really negative mentality to have in all sports. I think they should not be in sports and it is very not useful for many ways.

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