Does Social Media Contribute to Teenage Suicide?

Social media is a big part of lives today. From tiktok to snapchat, many teenagers find themselves spending most of their time on social media. Within social media, there is cyberbullying. Kids have been subject to harrassment and bullying from kids in their school. Online mesages, videos, photos, or anything that can make someone feel bad and down about themselves all can lead to one subject. Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among people ages 10-34. Though there are ways to prevent teenage suicide, there is no way to tell if someone is being bullied until they attempt. 

As a teenager, I believe social media does contribute to teenage suicide. Many kids are bullied through social media apps like snapchat, tiktok, or instagram. Though bullying is common in teenagers everywhere, there will be a chance to save someone you know. Bullying happens often in our school. I have been bullied, others have been bullied, and there are bullies. Nobody known what is going on in someones life. No matter how much you dislike or despise someone, bulling is not the answer.

Do you think social media contributes to teenage suicide? Why?


Reminder: You are never alone. Call or text 988 for help.

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    • I agree that there are many ways to go about stopping bullying instead of comitting. There are some cases where kids try to get the help they need, but it may not stop.

  • I do believe that social media continbrutes to teenage suicide. Social media such as facebook and snapchat can lead to alot of peer pressure. private converstaionad threats happen, through social media. I do believe that teenage suicide, comments from the threats that happen on the app called snapchat, as you can create a fact account and get anyone to accept your request to be a friend, as snapchat has become a common form of communication by teenagers. Snaochat groups and such can created and it can lead to bullying a student, threats to the student, and they may never who the person is that they are actually talking to. those are the reason i do believe that social media can and does coontibute to teenage suicide.

    • I agree that snapchat is the biggest platform for bullying. Many kids use it all the time. There are people adding each other almost everyday. Many kids use it, and now it is easy for kids to be able to bully anyone without having to face the consequences.

  • When it comes to social media possibly being a factor in suicide I’m very unsure of how to approach it because social media is sometimes a factor in someone’s suicide but at the same time, users of the internet have to determine what they can handle without getting off of the internet. I think that if you can’t handle what people say about you on the internet then you should probably get off, calm down and seek help if you feel like committing suicide. Before getting back on and possibly hurting yourself or those around you either to be family or just random people.


    • I agree that there is a safer option of going about how to handle online bullying situations. I believe everyone has a right to living and bullying stands in the way of that. It may be hard to overcome bullying, but there are people out there who want to help.

  • I think social media is a huge part of it. People are brutal because they can say whatever they want and stay hidden behind a screen. Cyber bullying is also super popular expecially since kids are getting phones at much younger ages and exposed to the internet which can be a pretty toxic place. 

    • Cyber bullying happens all the time on the internet. As people get older and teenagers turn into adults, they will continue the bullying they have always done. Nobody is perfect, but there will always be a chance to choose the right way to go about things.

  • I think that social media is a big part of bullying because the amount of cases of online bullying is more then all bullying combined. I think if you have snapchat, instagram, or anything else that you should be careful with people you dont know. 

    • Bullying is hard to stop when it is through social media. Fake accounts and deleting messages can be so easy for the people who are in the wrong. There are ways you could get away like talking to a trusted adult or blocking them.

  • I believe social media can sometimes contribute to teenage suicide because there can be bad comments or many people influencing people. This can end up in a bad way and ending up with somebody's life because of the pressure and low self confidence some poeple have because of this apps.

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