Does Social Media Contribute to Teenage Suicide?

Social media is a big part of lives today. From tiktok to snapchat, many teenagers find themselves spending most of their time on social media. Within social media, there is cyberbullying. Kids have been subject to harrassment and bullying from kids in their school. Online mesages, videos, photos, or anything that can make someone feel bad and down about themselves all can lead to one subject. Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among people ages 10-34. Though there are ways to prevent teenage suicide, there is no way to tell if someone is being bullied until they attempt. 

As a teenager, I believe social media does contribute to teenage suicide. Many kids are bullied through social media apps like snapchat, tiktok, or instagram. Though bullying is common in teenagers everywhere, there will be a chance to save someone you know. Bullying happens often in our school. I have been bullied, others have been bullied, and there are bullies. Nobody known what is going on in someones life. No matter how much you dislike or despise someone, bulling is not the answer.

Do you think social media contributes to teenage suicide? Why?


Reminder: You are never alone. Call or text 988 for help.

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  • Good topic choice but we have had similar. Your summary is good but could be a bit longer.  You did a great job replying to students but be sure to reply on three different days.

  • Yes I think social media does contribute to suicide. Because, many people are more likley to make fun of you or say mean things to you over the phone and can not say it to your face. Some people also dont feel like there good enough becuase they see all these better looking people on there phones who are living there best life. 

  • I think it depends on the situation if the teen is being cyberbullied or threatened online but it could also help in some situations like being able to talk to people.

  • I think that social media can contribute to teenage suicide. I don't think it is the leading cause, but it is still a reason. I do think that social media isn't good for us. I think that social media should have never come about. Without social media, everyone would be a lot happier.

  • I think that some for some people social media gets to them more and can contribute to teenage suicide. In many cases people commit suicide because people are spreading false things ab them or just making fun of them. I usually just don't think much of that stuff but it can really affect people.

  • Yes, I think social media can contribute to teenagers committing suicide. Stuff that people say on social media can make them feel bad and came to make them depressed. Then they could start doing drugs or even commit suicide.

  • Yes, I think social media is a huge contributor to suicide in teenagers today. Many people find themselves comparing themselves to others way too often and don't just live simple lives. Many also don't have Jesus in their life and don't know how to handle situations at a young age.

  • I think that it dose. I think people focus to much on what other people are doing rather than what they are doing. But I think it is no excuse, all you have to do is go out work hard and try to get to where you want to go. I think that we are letting people be weak and not fight for what they want and when it gets to hard they kill them selves. 

  • I think social media is only a threat to suicde if your soft and you let it affect you, If you feel like killing yourself maybe delete social media instead of crying about it and posting all over platforms on how sad you are and how much you wanna die.

  • I believe social media does crontribute to teenage suicide because of some apps like Insta, Snap Chat and Facebook. People can be very crule if they don't like what they see so they bully them for their apperince or hobbys that make them happy. Most of socials watchers/users are teens and they can be very rude to others on platforms even from adults. 

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