Does music with foul language really affect teens?

As we all know, music these days has lots of profanity and talks about things that aren’t very appropriate, but does it really affect the way teens are? A lot of people think that explicit music influences their kids into doing bad things. According to “Is explicit music harmful to kids,” it says “Ultimately, kids will be ok with seeing most of the violent and sexual tv, and the same goes for explicit music. The kids will be affected little to none.”  Then in the article "Profanity in Music: Should it be censored" It says  “Why should it be censored?” So, why should it? Many adults say it shouldn’t because it “gets into people’s minds.” They think children might get “brainwashed” by the bad words. But children say differently."

In my opinion I think that music with explicit lyrics really don't affect kids in any way. It might give them new words to add to their vocabulary, but that's about it. 

Do you think it affects kids? 

What is your opinion on songs with explicit lyrics?


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  • Great topic choice Karissa and you also did a good job replying to people. I do think your summary is quite brief. Be sure to expand more. Late 

  • I do not think that music that contains profanity affects kids at all. Personally, the explicit lyrics do not have any effect on me, and I believe that many people think the same exact thing. I doubt that many kids will be brainwashed by the bad words.

  • I don't think that music with any tyoe of profanity affects kids. Music is put out into the world because many people enjoy it. If that msuic were to be cut off because of some profanity then that just wouldn't be right. 

  • I don't think profanity in songs affects kids. It's not the music that will influence them to do bad things. I think songs with explicit lyrics are fine, the words they use don't affect me. 

  • I don't think that cussing really affects people. If someone listens to songs about smoking and drinking, dosent mean that thats going to be what they do all of the time. Also, the most of the time, people learn it from their parents and hanging out with friends.

  • I don't think it affects it that much. But I would not have little kids listen to it but other than that it does not affect teens like the older generations think. Also I do like some of the songs with explicit lyrics, like some of these songs are really good.

  • I dont really think that the language in pop music or any music in gereral affect kids. I dont mind songs with explicit lyrics becasue they do not affect me. I dont think that it affects the majority of people or kids. 

  • I personally don't think that it affects kids as much as we are led to believe. Most of my playlists are made of explicit songs or lyrics. Although I do believe that there are some songs that little kids and maybe even teens shouldn't be aloud to listen to because of what is said or done in some of the videos or songs.

  • I personally don't think it affects how you behave. Even though I think this, I don't think that 5 year olds aka little kids, should be listening to such songs. I state this becuase they don't know any better so they might copy the movements or repeat the words. Other than that no, it doesn't affect kids. 

    • I agree that little kids might repeat or make gestures that they see or hear about in music and music videos, but on older kids say 12-19 really aren't effected by the language and other gestures.

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