Do you think Andrew Tate is Innocent?

                Recently Andrew Tate has been arrested for suspition of human trafficing and rape. I think that this is not true I think the what he calls the Matrix is trying to get him to be quiet on how a man should act. Andrew Tate talks a lot about how a man should better himself and exercise and try to be rich. He believes that “The Matrix” is something that tries to hide reality and keep men from being masculine and strong. Andrew Tate has recently been arrested in Romania for human trafficking charges. I think that this is not true because in some of the videos he has posted on social media he has said women are secret and should be protected and kept safe. I believe that this is false and that the Matrix is trying to get him to be quiet. 

              Andrew Tate’s former girlfriend has posted videos of her saying that he was a good man and treated her like a queen and would never do thoughts things. This girl used to live with Tate and was with him for a good period of time. I think that they believe this because of all the money and show boating that he dose yes sometimes the things that he says are far fetched. But he dose it to get his name out and so that people will listen. Andrew has changed tons of lives got people into the gym and men trying to better themselves and being more masculine. I think that he is an innocent man and that this is a bunch of crap.

             Like I said Andrew has been arrested for Human Trafficing but they let him walk freely in the streets I think if he is truley guilty than why would you let him walk around in the streets of you city. 



Do you think Andrew Tate is guilty 

Do you agree for what he stands for

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  • Good topic choice and well done! Summary could be a tad longer as you could have explained why many women are not fans of his.   +5 for original topic.

  • I am very controversial on this topic and yes I absolutely agree with what he stands for, but at the same time he has been areested foir this in the past and his backround is shady, I think thats because he doesn't want people knowing too much about him but he has said on podcasts that the way he used to make money was by making questionable content so that shows he could have been in the business before and it means he may have gotten into it again I'm not exactly sure if they have reasonable evidence to arrest him though, just because he has had a questionable history doesn't mean thats how he is now though.

  • I don't think Andrew Tate is guilty because he isn't the kind of person to have these allegations. Also, I do agree with him and what he stands for.

  • I don't think Andrew Tate is guilty. He knew he was gonna get arrested for no reason. People are attacking him because he is successful and has traditional values and beliefs. The media makes everything worse than it seems and almost everything is a lie.

  • I think hes not guilty because a lot of people wenrt to his parties and have been at hes house and he knew for to treat some woman. also some of his friends say he wouldnt do that and his frids know hes a really good person so i think his not guilty 

  • I think Andrew Tate isn’t guilty because many people have been at his parties and have been in his house and they say that he was super nice and treated women like queens. And those who have met him in person have come out and said that he would never do something like this. Most people think that these accusations have come from women that Andrew and Tristin Tate have rejected in the past and those women are so sad and mad they have to accuse Andrew and Tristin Tate of sex trafficking and rape. But to many people, these accusations are false because he has changed many young men's lives for the better.

  • I don't know if Andrew Tate is truely guilty or not. I think that if they have reasonable evidence, he is guilty. Maybe they do not have good evidence though. I don't know much about Andrew Tate, but he may be a decent person. I don't understand why they would accuse him without good evidence though.

    • I agree I think that they did not have good enough evidance to get him into prison. I think people are scared that he is telling the truth and is right about all the things that he is saying about people and the goverment. 

  • I do agree with what he stands for because the stuff he says is very true and people are getting mad because he thinks differently in society today what he says people get mad if it was 20 years ago he would be just fine saying that. Women are getting mad because they think he says that they should be slaves basically but that isn't true. So I think he should just keep speaking his word which he will. He just wants people to stop thinking that they can change genders and identities as cats and dogs which I think that people who change genders are very dumb because why would you do that your just disposition your parents and just plain out weird if you do that.

  • I think Andrew Tate is innocent and I agree the the Matrix is out to get him and force him to be quiet and lose his fame. I agree with most of what he stands for and what he is trying to do but some are little bit extreme. Although, I think he is a good person trying to help other people be who they can be.

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