Do you think Andrew Tate is Innocent?

                Recently Andrew Tate has been arrested for suspition of human trafficing and rape. I think that this is not true I think the what he calls the Matrix is trying to get him to be quiet on how a man should act. Andrew Tate talks a lot about how a man should better himself and exercise and try to be rich. He believes that “The Matrix” is something that tries to hide reality and keep men from being masculine and strong. Andrew Tate has recently been arrested in Romania for human trafficking charges. I think that this is not true because in some of the videos he has posted on social media he has said women are secret and should be protected and kept safe. I believe that this is false and that the Matrix is trying to get him to be quiet. 

              Andrew Tate’s former girlfriend has posted videos of her saying that he was a good man and treated her like a queen and would never do thoughts things. This girl used to live with Tate and was with him for a good period of time. I think that they believe this because of all the money and show boating that he dose yes sometimes the things that he says are far fetched. But he dose it to get his name out and so that people will listen. Andrew has changed tons of lives got people into the gym and men trying to better themselves and being more masculine. I think that he is an innocent man and that this is a bunch of crap.

             Like I said Andrew has been arrested for Human Trafficing but they let him walk freely in the streets I think if he is truley guilty than why would you let him walk around in the streets of you city. 



Do you think Andrew Tate is guilty 

Do you agree for what he stands for

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  • I don't really keep up with Andrew Tate and his misogynist ideas. But I honestly wouldn't put the rape idea past him, I'm not so sure about human trafficking though, that's a huge thing that's going on lately so there could be a possibility for that. But like I said, Andrew Tate has said a lot of unsettling things that could make him seem guilty for these acts he was accused of.

    • I do not agree with what all you are saying. I think that he would not rape he says that women are to be kept safe. I do not think that he is not "misogynist" I think people don't understand that he wants triditional values. People don't understand that he is not against women he loves them and would not do any of thoughs things. 

  • I think that Andrew Tate is not guilty, because he treats women with respect to who they are. Tate is a realist, which is an interesting mindset to have. A realist looks at the facts and states his opinion based off of what he sees. They say the world as they see it, not through someone else's opinion.

    • I agree I think that he is not guilty and that he sees what he sees.  The matrix is trying to get him to shut up. I think that he is a honest respectful man and treats people with respect. He is who is is because of the experiances he has gone through. 

  • I believe Andrew Tate isn't guilty. There is plenty of proof that shows he wouldn't do such a crime as human trafficing. I agree with what he stands for because there are videos on the internet where he encourages people to "go to the gym" and "stop vaping." "Breathe air" as he would say. He motivates men to make themselves better.

    • I agree he would not do something like that and destroy everything he has built. I think they are just trying to get him to shut up because he is not woke. I think that you are right men are trying to improve and make themselves strongger

  • I think that Andrew Tate is innocent for the arrest of human trafficking. However, I personally think that the way he gets his money is a little suspicious. I am not fully aware of how he gets his money, but his business just seems suspicous. 

    • I agree they made stuff like that up to put him in prison so they could figure somehting out to keep him quite forever. I think they will never be able to silance the top G. He is willing to die for the young men to get his point across. 

  • I totally agree with u when u say the so called "matrix " is after him. I belive that andrew tate is innocent because in the last few month he said that they are after him. Yes, I believe that u should be the best that u can be and don't slack.

    • Yes I agree the matrix is 100% real. I think that they are trying to hide us from things that are true and the Top G is showing us these thing so they call him sexist and all this crap. They tried to cancal him but you can't stop the Top G. 

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