Now that Halloween has passed, there are two more major holidays left of the year (assuming you don’t celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanzaa). The first being Thanksgiving, and of course, the second being Christmas. As you may know, the majority of people believe that Christmas is the more popular of the two, and this is proven by how soon people rush to celebrate it, year after year. But, whether or not you should start celebrating Christmas right after Halloween can be very controversial. 


During the Victorian period, most of mankind put their Christmas trees up on Christmas eve, and only celebrated the day of, and multiple days after. Nowadays, people believe that one month isn’t enough for the Christmas season, so trees and decorations start going up months in advance. 


For many, celebrating the Christmas season early brings much needed happiness. Psychoanalyst, Steve McKeown, said that “putting up Christmas decorations early extends the excitement of the festive season. It acts as an 'anchor or pathway to those old childhood magical emotions' and so ultimately makes you happier.”


On the other hand, numerous people feel that Thanksgiving should be prioritized during the month of November, and that individuals should really appreciate the holiday more than they do. This is mostly because people like to enjoy the beautiful autumn season, before the cold winter months arrive. 


Some have also said that they like “being able to be with family and spend time with them while sharing a meal. Most want to be able to fully appreciate the Thanksgiving season before they focus on Christmas.”


I definitely agree with the latter opinion, and I think that people should focus on spending time with family, and enjoying November before the Christmas madness begins. Either way, I think that Christmas should start being celebrated around the end of November, and not the second Halloween ends.


When do you start celebrating/ decorating for Christmas?

Do you think that humanity celebrates Christmas too early, or too late?



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  • Good topic choice and well done overall Kate! I do think you could have repled back a few more times.

  • Yes, indeed this is a very controversial question. In my family, because we are a central location for all my family--Wilwerding and Crawfords we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas at OUR house, so we aren't really contributing to the Christmas madness aspect.  We wait mainly because of littles, or younger children, so that they don't mess with or break any ornaments on a tree. That said, I can participate in the questions, but I can't really judge other people or humanity as a whole. I think Thanksgiving is very underappreciated. Everybody says "oh it's just some pilgrims, why do we need to celebrate a whole week of that?" We all know it's a little bit more than that.  It's about spending time with family and celebrating the good harvest. We should be using November as break period until the week of Thanksgiving. As for when our family typically sets up the tree, its after Thanksgiving or before the 1st week of Advent. 

  • Putting up a christmas tree during halloween season would be a bit weird but people can do what they want. I think it gives off more excitement when you wait till a couple weeks before christmans, but months before is weird.

  • I don't think it really matters when you decide to put up your christmas tree. I think if you choose to put it up, then you can have it up and celebrate. Yet, if you dont want it up, dont have to. Honestly, I have seen people put up Christmas decorations before Halloween.

  • I think after thanksgiving or after Halloween because any sooner just seems too soon to start putting things up. i think a lot of people not all put there decorations up too soon. I see a lot of people put things up at things right after Halloween.  

  • I don't think it matters when people start putting up Christmas stuff or celebrate it. Some people could have a lot of Christmas stuff and they want to get it done and have everything up by Christmas or some people don't have the time to put it up. Some people have more happiness than Thanksgiving and other people want to get ehir stuff up before Christmas

  • I do think that people should not celebrate christmas as early as they do. The day after Holloween some people are already setting their Christmas decorations up. They should wait until after Thanksgiving, then they should start to put their christmas decorations up. 

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    • I can definetly agree with this too. I think that people should first focus on family and Thanksgiving, but if Christmas makes them the happiest, the I don't really see any issues with putting decorations up early, probably not super early, though.

  • Yes, people do celebrate christmas early, I do understand why though. Although I understand, I don't think that decorations should be put up RIGHT after Halloween. I understand if you were to decorate about a week before Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving everything normally gets really busy. 

  • I think people do start celebrating too early now I get why people do. But putting stuff up right after Halloween is too early I think the earliest it should be is after thanksgiving and I think the latest they should be up is late January to early February.

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