Do electric vehicles serve a purpose?

             A lot of people have been thinking about getting an electric car. Some people think they are more environtmentally friendly and make a huge impact on pollution. I don't understand the joy in charging your car and having to wait hours on end. The fact that you have to wait for hours is a huge pain. I think that electric cars are a joke and a liberal scam.

             Electric cars may seem to be effective but they truely are not. It creates lots of pollutants manufacturing the batteries. Also, some of the charging stations for electric cars are powered by diesel generators. It is so pointless to get electricity from diesel. It is probably creating more pollutants if anything. Electric vehicles also to not make the torque and power that gas and diesel would. I think that teslas are cheap made and do more harm to the environment than good. I would never ever consider buying anything EV.


Do electric vehicles help the environment?

Would you ever buy an electric vehicle?


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  • I think that electric vehicles are very helpful to the planet not only do they not emmit carbon dioxide but they use electricity. I might buy an electric car but they are kind of expensive, They are also kind of hard top get especially when you don't have a high enough paying job. 

  • I would never buy a electric vehicle because they battery's doesn't last as long and it also takes to much time to charge the battery. Having a electric vehicle you don't have as much pulling power to haul. 

  •  I don't think that electric vehicles help the environment even though they produce little to no carbon emmisions when operating. These cars get their battery from lithium mines that use fuel burning engines to collect and refine the lithium. These lithium mines are also very dangerus for workers safety and health.

  • I think that electric vehicles do not help the environment because they get their electricity from burning oil and diesel. Also because the lithium needed for the batteries really harms the environment. I personally wouldn't want to own an electric vehicle but in the future they will probably be enforced.

  • I don't think electric vehicles are actually better for the environment because of the mining and how they are discarded of. We also do not have the infrastructure to support all-electric vehicles. We will still need internal combustion engines to haul loads like semis or pickups pulling big loads.

  • I don't think that electric vehicles are necessarily better for the environment. I believe that they are not at all more efficient. You have to wait hours just for your vehicle to charge so you are able to drive it. While non-electric vehicles need gas or diesel, these vehicles take five minutes, at most, to fill up. As if right now, I don't think I will purchase an electric vehicle unless I have no other choice. 

  • I think that electric vehicles are less efficient and most likely worse for the environment. I will never buy an electric vehicle even if it means I have to drive an old gas or diesel one forever. I think that the government is pushing the electric vehicles so that they can control us easier. All they have to do is push a button and all power is taken from everyones cars and we are all immobile.

  • I will never drive an electric car because it is not the solution to gas cars and even if I have to drive a 300,000-mile piece of junk truck that will be fine because electric cars are bad.

  • I think in general electric cars are better for the environment, if more people got electric cars it could help the environment, but right now with the small number of people actually driving the cars does not make a difference

  • I don't think that electric cars are a whole lot better for the environment, because pollution is still going to go into the earthy by burning coal to get their energy to charge. I don't think I would get an electric car because there would not be enough charging stations in the area we live.

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