Do electric vehicles serve a purpose?

             A lot of people have been thinking about getting an electric car. Some people think they are more environtmentally friendly and make a huge impact on pollution. I don't understand the joy in charging your car and having to wait hours on end. The fact that you have to wait for hours is a huge pain. I think that electric cars are a joke and a liberal scam.

             Electric cars may seem to be effective but they truely are not. It creates lots of pollutants manufacturing the batteries. Also, some of the charging stations for electric cars are powered by diesel generators. It is so pointless to get electricity from diesel. It is probably creating more pollutants if anything. Electric vehicles also to not make the torque and power that gas and diesel would. I think that teslas are cheap made and do more harm to the environment than good. I would never ever consider buying anything EV.


Do electric vehicles help the environment?

Would you ever buy an electric vehicle?


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  • I think that in some ways electric cars help, but in some ways they don't help. They help a tiny bit with producing less gass, but at the same time they are using tons of resources and gas to make those cars. Maybe in the future if I have a lot of money, and I live close by a town, then I would buy one.

  • So this topic has been done before. Be sure to expand a bit more as well. You didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points.

  • Absolutley not. They are still mining up fossil fuels. They are getting no where and I believe gas-powered vehicles are way better. They can last in harsh weather. I would never buy an electric car because they are owned by liberals.

  • I think that electric vehicles are fine on a small scale like they are right now, but I don't think it is realistic for the majority of cars to be electric in the future. I think hybrid vehicles are much more realistic on a large scale. Personally, I don't think I would ever buy an electric car.

  • I really have no idea if electric vehicles help the environment or not, but I would definitely buy one just to save on gas. Most people say that it helps the environment so maybe it does, but I really don't know. I'm sure as always, there are good and bad things about electric vehicles.

  • I don't think that electric vehicles help the environment, they have to process the batteries ( made of lithium they have to mine, which is also bad). I would not buy an electric vehicle unless it is dirt cheap. Those things are EXPENSIVE, to be honest. people pay 90k for a tesla and it doesn't even make cool noises, that sounds like a waste to me.

  • I do think that electric cars can help the environment, just maybe less than they are advertised to. Technology continues to become more advanced and become better and better, so I don't think they're a "joke" and "liberal scam".

  • I think that they do help the environment a lot more than gas vehicles do. I think that more and more people are starting to switch from gas to electric because of the way electric cars are being advertised. When people see electric cars they think of the "green initiatives" that the companies claim to have, so naturally, they think that it's so much better than the standard gas car. I like that you talked about the manufacturing of the batteries that these cars run on because those come at an environmental cost.

  • I think that electric cars help the environment but I understand that right now they are not developed enough and the time to charge or other aspects can push people off from buying one. I think that in the future, when they improve them I could eventually buy an electric vehicle.

  • I think they may help the environment some but not much. I feel when people say we need to get rid of electric cars, you might as well get rid of cows to because they produce gas too. I would not ever buy an electric vehicle, I think it is to time consuming for me.

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