Defunding the Police

            In the 1960s people started the movement knows as defund the police. People wanted to take money from cops and law enforcement while at the same time reduce crime in the United States. The slogan however became common in protests of George Floyd in May of 2020.

          People all around the globe took the money away from police and would you know it, crime went up. People then realized why cops need money so the people gave them more money and then crime lowered and finally people realized that police need money to protect the place that they are set to roam. If people really did take all of the money away from police it would lead to more chaos and increase crime in areas that are already seeing increased crime in that area.  

          Personally I am not a fan of defunding the police or for it because they are there to protect us and protect society but if we take that away then it will get alot worse because without money means not enough access to resources to train those who join the police force, and that leads to more casualties in the world and we don't need anymore of that because police already risk their lives for us.


What are your thoughts on defunding the police?

Do you support the movement or not?,sorts%20for%20the%20defund%20movement%22,to%20lack%20of%20accessible%20funds,the%20murder%20of%20George%20Floyd

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  • Great topic choice Logan! Your summary is fine but it is brief overall. Expand a bit more. You also could have replied more frequently.

  • I don't think defunding the police is a good idea at all. It is a way to create more crime which creates a more dangerous world people have to live in. I do not support the movement. Like I said it's something that is going to lead to something that is gonna be worse

  • I personally believe that defunding the police should not be a thing because they are here to help and protect us. I do not know why people would want to take that away. I also think that it is just not right to defund one of our main sources of protection.

  • I think that defunding the police shouldn't happen becuase of the fact that police are here to help protect us, I just personally think that it isn't right to defund the police. I don't support the movement becuase it isn't right to just take money from cops and it's just not respectful to cops at all.

  • I think defunding the police would be a bad Idea because I think  less cops will want to work and they won't have as many tools and resources to use. I think this would cause crime to increase in many areas in the united states as when a rise in unemployment.

  • I think that they should not defund the police. I think only some police station should be defunded. Because some have a lot of money and have no use for it. But if they defund the police they will not have the right equipment and thing like that.

  • No, I think defunding the police is so stupid. Because, what people dont relize is when someones breaking into your house who are you going to call 911. But yet theres people here saying that the police do nothing and all they do is kill african americans. Which is just crazy, the media only talks about when a black man dies from the police they never post anyhting when a white man dies. When all these poeple were rioting for BLM so many black people were killing other black people which was crazy because there the ones saying it's all the police doing it. 

    • It is dumb because they try to help and make things better but the people make it worse

  • I think that defunding police forces is a bad idea now some police force should have some funds taken away, like the NYPD which has a 10.9 billion dollars. The main reason crime is widespread is because of poverty if we take away even a tenth of the NYPD budget you could solve some people's poverty. 

  • I do not support defunding the police. I do not think that the whole police force should be punished for something one officer did. I think we should fund the police more if anything. That way police will get the correct training, so they know what to do in the cases when people are killed.

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