Cyber Security is the practice of protecting online websites or anything related to online and the internet. Cyber attacks can ruin businesses or people because they can take money or, for example, post on their social media account rude comments so they would get fined. Cyber attacks can also cause people to lose photos and identity theft. Lots of people fall for these cyber security attacks because they make them look real and most of the time they receive them from important companies so they will take action by clicking the links or downloading the malware.


COVID made a lot of companies and businesses go online. Before COVID most companies weren’t online a lot or if at all, and cyber attacks weren’t as big of a deal compared to after or during COVID. Now that COVID is around cyber security attacks are at their peak. Cyber security attacks are up around 300% to 400% mainly because of COVID. 


There are different types of cyber threats phishing, social engineering, ransomware, and malware. Phishing is the attacker sends fake emails that resemble that company or person that aims to steal information. This is the most common type of cybersecurity threat. Social engineering is a tactic for people to give the attacker sensitive information or make you click on links or download malware to your technology. Ransomware is a software that is designed to block everything on the computer system including files so they can export money. They will gain access back to the computer after the transaction is successful. Malware is software that gives them access to cause damage to your computer or technology.


Cyber security is a big deal in the world, especially now because lots of people are going online all because of COVID. We need more people that stop cyber security because there are a lot of attacks and not enough people fixing them or stopping them from happening. Also there are a lot of job openings.


What are you thoughts on cyber security?

Would you open a email if it looked like an important company?

Do you think that cyber security is a big issue?

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  • Good topic and a new one so +5. You summary is well done but I would like to see more of your personal opinions within your summary as well.

  • I think cyber suecurity is a very big problem in todays world. Especially because most everything is on the internet now such as your bank information. Even though most people don't think about it on a day to day basis people on the internet could take a lot from you.

  • I think cyber security is a very serious thing, and although I don't know much about it, I think that cyber security is a very big deal in the world.  I think it is important for people to learn about cyber security so nothing bad happens if they don't know about it.

  • I believe cybersecurity is a very serious problem in todays world. It could cause depression or anxiety for some people. I also think it's just going to get worse with all the new technology being put in the world. Being young on social media could be a very dangerous thing for there brain and can cause mental illness.

  • My thoughts on cyber security are that cyber security is very important to people that use the internet every day. Also if you do cyber security it could be a good way to make some money because people and companies are in dire need of people that are good with cyber security so that they can stay safe on the internet.

  • I do think that cyber security is a big issue because it can ruin your company. Cyber security it is a big deal for companys if they don't have cyber security there bussiness will get hacked and attackers will ruin your company

    • Cyber security is a big issue, mainly because everyone is online. If you or your company get attacked or hacked it can ruin your company or even your life. I believe that a lot of people do click on emails or other messages. 

  • I think cyber security is an issue because there are lots of people online and it's people who were never online before like some teachers that if they got an email would probably just click on it because many of them do not know much about this type of stuff though some would most likely be better than others. I have knows about emails sent out like that so I know not to open emails from people I don't know.

    • I agree. People realized how online makes things a lot easier and now companies and people are going online at high rates. I think that young people would click on it because they don't know better, but also the older people will click on it too and possibly put the information in. I think middle-aged people are the safest people.

  • I think syber security is very immportant and more in this days were technology is so important. I think I would only open the email if I have something to do with the company I would but there is many fake emails and messages now so if they ask me for information I probably wouldn't fill it just in case. I think cyber security is a big issue.

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