Could Jack and Rose both have fit on the door?


On March 31st, 1909, The construction of the titanic started. It took over one year to fully frame the titanic and more then two years just to build the interior. Finally, it took off on April 10th, 1912. It was a successful four days into the voyage when the ship hit an iceberg at 23.6mph on April 14th at 11:40. 


The Titanic was designed to hold 32 lifeboats but only 20 got put on the ship because it made it look less cluttered. This would prove to be a huge mistake when only 1060 people could be guaranteed safety. Because there was a shortage in lifeboats, it was women and children first. Many rich men pushed their way to the front and snuck their way onto life boats. The ship sank fast, in less than 3 hours. 706 people died in the tragedy called the Titanic, 75% being women. The RMS Carpathia, which was 3 hours away, came to rescue the stranded survivors so it still took a few hours for them to hear about the tragedy and come to get them. 


James Cameron released The Titanic film 85 years after the disaster. It was super successful and still is today. It was the most expensive film made at that time with a budget of $200 million. Everyone believed the movie showed the tragedy really well and because of the budget it was made really well. The only disagreement was at the end of the movie, Jack puts Rose on the door and people think Jack could have fit too and he would have saved both of their lives. Although these are fictional characters and were not actual people on the Titanic, people were still annoyed with Jack. Just because the door was big enough, weight is also something to think about. If you re-watch the movie you'll see him trying to get on the door and it kinda tips a little. 


I think Jack could have fit on the door just fine, but the weight factor would be an issue. However, I also think he could have climbed on any other piece of furniture floating around and could have gotten out of the water that way. 

Do you think  Jack could have gotten on the door?


Have you ever seen The Titanic?

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  • Good topic choice and you took my advice with your summary. Great job! It is a day late. +5 -New topic

  • I have never actually watch the whole movie at one time from the beginning to the end, but I have heard it is a very good movie considering it has won a lot of awards. Althoug I haven't watched it I don't think both of them could have fit on the door.

  • I personally have never actually sat down and watched the full movie beginning to end, but I have heard great things about the movie, obviously since it has won countless awards. Despite of this, I still do not think that they both could have fit on the door. 

  • I think that Jack could have gotten on the door but the door would sink due to the weight of the both of them being on the door at the same time.

  • I think that Jack would have been able to get on the door with Rose. I think this because there was plenty of room plus Jack is light so it wouldn't sink. Of course, to make the movie more dramatic they made Jack stay on the ship. It would have been more interesting to see him get on the door with her though.

  • I think that Jack and Rose could have both fit on that door. Rose was being greedy and rude to not ever try to have jack fit on the door. Jack was most likely lighter than rose so they could both be on the door without it sinking

  • I personally have never seen the whole movie, I've heard very good things about it, and many people tell me I should watch it, but I personally feel like I would get way to bored.  I've seen just little bits and pieces of the movie, and I think he could have fit on the door, and he was just being dramatic.

  • Yes, I think jack could have fit on the door with rose. Although it could be risky, I think it is worth a try to dristribute the weight on the door so it could balence, or he could've tried to find any other object or anything floating around in the water to help. Yes, I have seen the titanic movie, but it was a long time ago. 

  • Jack and Rose couldve both fit on the door if they tried, but the door might not be able to hold both of their weight. But he could've gotten on any other thousand of pieces of furniture floating around and survive. But, I also think that they did that secne for a specific reason. I was sad when rose let go because she said and I quote "I'll never let go jack" and then she lets go.

  • Yes, I think jack could have fit on the door with rose. Becuase, I think the door could hold both of them if they were to distribute the weight so they could both have survived. I was a little mad when I watched it becuase she never even ask him to get on the door. But its only a fictional scene so ofcourse they want to enthisize that its a very sad think that happened and many people died and made sacrafices. 

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