Cloning is it ethical and is it useful

 Everyone has seen one of those movies that had someone get cloned and remembers everything in their past life. Well that would not happen in real life in today's time we have only cloned animals. The First ever animal that was cloned was a sheep named Dolly. To make Dolly they take a mammary gland from Finn Dorset sheep and an egg cell from a Scottish Blackface Sheep. Once normal development was confirmed in a lab at six days, the embryo was transferred into a surrogate mother. In the future cloning could be very helpful like how cloning has the potential to contribute to improvements in veterinary and human medicine. Human cloning strategies might provide future therapies for severe, incurable disease. Any stem cell can turn into any tissue given the appropriate conditions. So over all it could save lives we could clone more stem cells and that could save more lives if they were more available. But there could be cons of, cloning is not entirely safe and accurate. Also some people call it unethical, and the probability of abuse is very high.

Overall I think cloning could be useful like getting organs from people who can clone the origins. Also cloning could be good for hunters like cloning the best deer and other animals and also cloning and producing good animals.


What do you think cloning would be used for in the future?

What are your overall thoughts on cloning.

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  • Good topic choice Hailey. The issue is its a over a week late and you didn;t reply to any student comments. Glad you got it posted though!

  • In my personal opinion, I think that cloning in certain situations and circumstances could be extremely useful. I think the use of cloning for medical operations, like cloning organs or skin, could revolutionize the way that we treat diseases and illnesses.

  • I think cloning organs could be very helpful. There are insanely long wait lists for organ transplants. Many people in need of an organ transplant never receive one due to an organ shortage. Organ cloning could fix this, and maybe stop illegal organ trafficking. I don't think cloning entire animals/humans is something that should be done until we fully think over any ethical problems.

  • I personally think cloning is weird, and I don't really like the thought of it. So i believe that cloning is not ethical, and I don't think it should be used in the future.  The only thing cloning will be good for, is if a species is going to go extinct and you need to save them.

  • Personally, I think cloning is very interesting and has the potential to be very useful if it is successful. There are, of course, risks that come along with cloning. It could be used to try and prevent species of animals from going extinct. It could also be used to clone organs that are needed for an organ transplant. 

  • I think don't think cloning is ethical. Although they may look the same they aren't because they dont carry the personality and thats the best part of the human being/animal that makes you want to hang out with them. If you clone them then it just wont be the same and its a 50/50% chance they will even at least have some of their peronality. 

  • I think if an animal that is about to go extinct that cloning would be good for that. But people wanting to clone their dogs and stuff is dumb. If they end up cloning people and having these people go about and live like we do I think that is just wrong and it's unnecessary.

  • I don't think cloning is very ethical at all and I think it is people trying to play God which is messed up. There is also a lot that can go wrong with cloning and I don't think it's very consitent or safe in my opinion.

  • I think that if it gets done, then it should be for organs. I am not sure what it will get used for but I hope it will be for cloning organs. I think that it would also be very good for animals. If we could clone organs that could save countless lives and it could also help with an issue on food, if we ever start to run out of food then we can close the best animals rapidly and control how many of what animal there will be.

  • I think that it could be helpful to clone animals. We could find the animals with the best genetics and clone them, so that they could be used to breed and reproduce good animals. Then these animals will make lots of good meat for humans or cows could give more milk with these good genetics. 

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