Christmas Trees, Artifical or Real?

We all know the age old question of whether or not to use artifical trees or real trees that have been cut down.  There are many pro's and con's for each of these.  I would like to discuss them before I state my opinion. 

Pro's of Real Christmas Tree:  You get an authentic scent. Takes less space after the season is over because you don't have to store it.  After they are used, sometimes they are thrown into lakes and river beds for fish habitats.  Some business offer a service of chipping--they take your Christmas tree and mulch it for landscaping.

Con's of Real Christmas Tree:  You have to buy a new one every year. You have to water the tree through the season.  There is a hassle of going and getting it and bringing it into the house.  Some trees have very pokey needles, that shed as the season goes on.

Pro's of Artificial Christmas Tree:  There is no care necessary.  You also don't have to pay for a new one every year. It has a long life to it; you can use it whenever you want for as long as you want because they are durable and don't have a lifespan.  Using artifical trees leaves more trees living for the environment. Can be more cost effective if it's used for many years. 

Con's of Artifical Christmas Tree: You have to build it every year. It doesn't smell good. Getting it out of storage can be work. It has wear and tear; nowadays most trees are pre-lit so to have artistic choice you have to buy a new tree for different colors or shapes of lights.

Because I haven't experienced real Christmas Trees inside my house and not being able to see them function, I think aritificial trees are better because that's all I've had. I think they look better than real trees because we can shape it to whatever we want with the wire. (p.s. i dont have a pre-lit tree)so we can custemise it


What's your tree like ?

Which is better?

Do you have a favorie ornament?

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  • Great topic choice and good job overall! Be sure to reply back a few more times. It's also a tad late.

  • I had a real tree a while ago but we changed to having a fake one. Having a fake one is a lot easier to set up and take down, if you have a real one you have to water it a lot and have to vacuum a lot too. If you have a real one then every year you have to get a new one

  • I believe having a real tree would be better and make it seem more like Christmas, I would never use a real tree only artificial. Artificial trees don't make a mess like real trees do and you wouldn't necessarily have to put lights on it you could just buy pre-light ones.

  • I think that artical is so much better, yes they shed quite a lot but most people do not like the smell of a real tree and that is why they stick to the fake kind becase it is reusable and softer, I have grown up my whole life with a fake tree.

  • I think the agrument between real and synthetic boils down the persnonal preference. I prefer real becasue i like the smell but if other people like synthetic than more power to ya. 

  • In my opinion I think artifical Christmas tree's are better then a real tree. With the artifical trees, people don't have to deal with the mess and clean up of a real tree. Our family enjoy the artificial tree we have due to the fact that we can move the branches around and make it how we like it. As with it being pre-lit therfore we don't have to mess with the branches and worry about lights.

  • I think the tradition of having a real tree is a cool tradition some families have. Although my family has a fake tree. It is just easier, we put it up, decorate it, take it down and do the same thing every year. We also don't have to deal with the mess of a real tree.

  • In my opinion I think artifical Christmas tree's are better then a real tree. Just because It's less of a mess if something happens and it makes a mess having to pick up all the little things that fall of the tree. I think that using an artitfical tree is better because it's better and less of a mess to have to clean up and you don't have to buy a new tree every year you can just use the same one.

  • In my opion a artifical Christmas tree is way better than a real tree. Having to put up a real tree takes a whole process. If you have a artifical tree you can keep it somewhere all year around and don't have to go find a new one the next year. 

  • I have never had a real Christmas Tree in my house but I feel I like better having an artificial tree. Having an artificial tree allows you to have the same one for years and years and as you decorate them, it allows people to spend time with their families while doing it. Also an artificial Christmas Tree doesn't need so much care and is not that expensive because you don't have to buy a new one every year. 

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