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     On January 28, the US military spotted a large balloon floating in on the coast of Alaska. The balloon traveled for over 3 days until being shot down by an American fighter jet along the coast of South Carolina. The Chinese Foreign Ministry declares that it was just a civilian research ship that was blown off course by feirce winds. The US has rejected all of China's explanations and has insisted that it is a spy balloon. Chinese officials think that our reaction was very excessive. Chine is very overcrowded and many think they are searching for land trying to take over and others think they are scoping out our military bases.


     The US Navy has assigned a group of divers and other personel to investigate and recover all of the debris. The recovery will take many days and the government still does not know a lot about the whole situation. China has already been buying land in the US but we can't buy land over there and China is known for lying which begs the question of what one of their balloons was doing in our country. The ballon was seen over Montana Air Force base which is not good either. More information will come out as the US continues to investigate.


     I think that China is lying about the whole situation and that they are trying to take over the US. A balloon from another country over 7,000 miles away doesn't just show up out of nowhere particullary the US. They also aren't buying land or taking over the pork market by coincidence. I think China is a bunch of dirty liars and that something should be done to stop them.


Do you think China is trying to take over?

What do you think the balloon was for?



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  • I do think that China is lying about the spy ballon losing control and magically "perfectly" hover over our nuclear silos. There is no way the Chinese are going to get away with this and should have had a back up plan if they were gonna mess with our army.

  • I think china is lying about what the ballon is and what it is for, i dont think they are using it right for good purpose. i think they are using it to gain an idea of what we have and what we can do in the united states, i think they are gonna try and take over

  • I think that the ballon was being used to spy on our nuclear silos that we have in montana and other parts of the U.S.. They said that it was a weather documenting balloon that flew off of the track it was supposed to take, but why would it sit over our nuclear places then. I don't think China is going to take over, but they are trying to spy on us.

  • I think china is lying about what the ballon is for, I do not think that they are using it for weather purposes, I think they are using it to gain an idea of what we have in the United States. I don't know for sure if they are trying to take over, but it could be a possibility for them to try.

  • I think China did lie about the balloon. However, I also think that the balloon was used to spy over United States land. However, I think the US made a bad choice and dangerous decision by shooting a BALLOON down with missiles and not regular fighter jet 20mm M61A1 Vulcan ammo. That would not only not be dangerous using explosives but simply just peirce the balloon and let it fall instead of losing important evidence from the balloon.

  • In my opinion, I don't think that it's anything more than a weather observation balloon that got blown off course. As you said, we won't know for sure what's up with it until the debris is recovered, but I don't think that China would try and use an obvious balloon to try and steal information from our country without a half-decent cover-up of sorts in mind.

    • I see where you're coming from but they also know how dumb our president is so they are probably trying to see how far they can get.

  • I think China is trying something. The balloon was definately a spy balloon. There hasn't been a time where China was friendly with the U.S and we've been having problems for decades. If they are scoping out military bases then they are probably going to plan an attack or something.

  • Honestly, I think China is trying to take over, because you don't just buy land and not let us buy land from you.  I think the U.S. needs to pay attention to China because they are probably trying to get information on our military equipment. We all know that China is known for making half of our life needs, and they might be able to build something very powerful that the U.S. would not be able to stop unless they start paying attention to it.

  • I think that this balloon was definitely a sign for the U.S. I think that the military and the government should take this seriously. I don't necessarily think that they are trying to take over but I think that they are trying to get information about our country, military and our government.

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